Once upon a time, there lived a Chihuahua named Bean. She had a sassy attitude with a strut to match, and she loved her fabulous lifestyle next to her best friend Makeda, who happened to be a Rottweiler. Minus their noticeable size difference, they were twins – they did everything together from lounging around the house to conquering new territories in the backyard. There was just one problem, they couldn’t celebrate their friendship the way they wanted – through fashionable, matching accessories.

Consider the scenario of 8 pounds versus 80. Small dogs had such limited jewelry options; but there was even less, actually none, for large dogs. Per Bean and Makeda’s request, our mission was to find the solution that would allow dogs of every breed, size, shape, weight, and height to wear the same glamorous styles.

The search to find a necklace that could endure typical dog behaviors sold from Bean’s size all the way up to Makeda’s yielded no results. So, on that day of utter devastation, Thy Fairest Fido was our ultimate creation! We proudly present Thy Fairest Fido’s customizable Jewelry for Dogs that supports a Pawsitive Cause! We’re so thrilled to offer a variety of high-quality jewelry styles that are handcrafted and tailored to fit pets of all sizes.

Ordering is easy! Measure your pet’s neck using a soft tape measure ensuring it’s an exact fit. We kindly ask that customers refrain from adding “wiggle room” or additional inches to their measurement as we factor this into each design based on the necklace style.

Thy Fairest Fido is for both humans and dogs! This fun-filled, feel-good experience is great for everyone because it’s an opportunity to slow down and share a moment of positivity, laughter, and genuine happiness. We love the creativity of Fido’s Jewelry, but it all stemmed from the desire to express our love through dog rescue. Profits earned from jewelry sales are instrumental in supporting our efforts to rescue and shed a positive light.

We’d be delighted to have you join us on our journey, and we welcome you to the bold and beautiful #FidoLife.