Having eaten her breakfast chocolate bar, Sarah Gross was on a December morning walk with her recently adopted rescue, a Pit Bull named Mocha, when inspiration struck: what if she could combine her two loves–dogs and chocolate–into a philanthropic venture to benefit dogs in need?
A month later Gross founded Rescue Chocolate, a handcrafted chocolate company that raises funds for rescue pets through the sale of fair trade, kosher, vegan dark chocolate. Powered by her love of animals and in-depth knowledge of chocolate–at the time Gross was working at a raw chocolate company in Queens, NY–Rescue Chocolate is making a difference one sweet, satisfying bite at a time. Not only do 100 per cent of the net profits from each chocolate purchased go to animal rescue organizations, but Gross uses the chocolate bars to raise awareness about animal issues. Penaut Butter Pit Bull is a vegan chocolate and peanut butter combo that opposes the negative perceptions of Pit Bull-type dogs, while coffee and chocolate flavoured Forever Mocha emphasizes the importance of lifetime commitments or "forever homes" for pets.
The recipient of the monies raised changes reularly; every few months Rescue Chocolate chooses a different animal rescue organization to benefit from choclate bar sales. Find Rescue chocolate bars at select stores in New York, San Diego, and Chicago or online at rescuechocolate.com.–LE