Life can get messy, busy and can sometimes leave you feeling broken. Pluto, a stray dog came into the lives of the Davis family and set out to heal them. This is a story that might not be so unique to dog owners who know the power of unconditional love of their dog. This October 6th The Stray releases in movie theaters nationwide and is a remarkable true story that shows that sometimes miracles can come from the least likely places and sometimes one dog can change everything! A young boy finds a companion, a father redirects his priorities and a family becomes whole again. Written and directed by Mitch Davis, (The Other Side of Heaven) and starring Michael Cassidy (Argo, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Sarah Lancaster (Everwood), The Stray will make you laugh and cry and make you want to go home and hug your dog! Visit for more information! Here’s a little behind the scenes clip where you will hear more about Pluto the “wonder dog.” See you at the movies this October! 

Mitch "Pluto" EPK from Marshal Davis on Vimeo.