Why the 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash®?  The story of the Bike Tow Leash begins just after the 9-11-01 attacks and my 3rd knee surgery from being hit by a car while biking.   Our family volunteered to raise Tribute, a service dog puppy for the disabled, as a way of giving back to those lost.

At 6 months of age, Tribute had become a tall long-legged black Labrador with more endurance than I for walking or jogging. Since bad behavior results from a lack of activity we needed to quickly drain Tribute’s energy before socializing her at work or restaurants.  Service dogs lie down and sleep under the table, not stand and upset dinner.  I needed a solution!

Tribute's need for speed, and my more limited mobility, led me to the idea of combining the fun and mobility of biking (for me) with the joy of running (for Tribute).  None of the existing dog-biking attachments were acceptably safe for Tribute’s raising organization or me.  Using my GA Tech engineering, physics and dog behavior knowledge I built my first prototype.

We tested the BTL for 6 ½ years without causing a scratch on dogs or riders then put it on the market in 2009.   It was approved safe by the APA in 2011.  We’ve raised 10 service dogs with the BTL and still use it on Betsy’s Wheelchair, bikes and quad-cycle.  With the BTL, no matter your abilities, the dog(s) get a walk or run. Pets, Service Dogs, military, search and rescue combined have safely enjoyed over a million of miles with the BTL confirming its ease of use, and enjoyable exercise. Riders continue to safely eat up the miles and tell us how it brings joy to their lives! Enjoy your rides safely.  Patented. Made in USA

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