Maintaining your furry friend’s coat can be a challenge—we all know the disappointment that comes when only a short time after a costly grooming treatment your pet is a tangled mess. And frustration really kicks in when your attempts to groom at home results in a bigger matted fluff ball.

So what are you missing? How do groomers give your pets that nice polished look? The secret is “high velocity drying”. This same technology used for commercial pet drying equipment is now available in a home use model especially for pet parents!

Whether you want to stretch the time in between grooming appointments or exclusively groom from home; the New Airrow Pro B-53 is your answer. Much more effective than a standard hair dryer, the Airrow Pro offers safe heat free air that will not damage your pet’s coat or irritate their sensitive skin. With a ¾ HP motor this unit provides a high velocity of air that blasts out 3X more air flow than your hair dryer. Two speed settings allow you to start off at a lower quieter speed for timid pets. A FREE DIY Styling Guide is included with each unit providing techniques the pros use to bathe and style your furry friend.

It’s time to make life easier for yourself and your pet. Groom on your own schedule, stop struggling taking reluctant pets to the groomer, enjoy bonding during bath time, AND save tons on grooming costs. The Airrow Pro B-53 can be yours for less than the cost of one grooming appointment!

Learn more about getting pro grooming results at home on Have a big Lab or Husky to groom? XPOWER also offers a two horsepower B-2 Home Pet Dryer that doubles as a vacuum—perfect for shedding season!