The Samson Pet Group is introducing its newest dog toy: The Samson Blue. As part of the Canine Cooleys brand, The Samson Blue joins a collection of the world’s most unique dog toys that are scented like a dog’s backside, but are undetectable to the human nose.

The Samson Blue dog toy has been made to honor the memory of the Sica family’s rescue German Shepherd, Samson, who passed away shortly before Christmas in 2014 at the age of seven from cancer. The Samson Pet Group announced today that 25% from the sales of The Samson Blue will go to The Samson Canine Cancer Research Foundation.

SamsonThe Samson Pet Group is expected to formally announce the formation of The Samson Canine Cancer Research Foundation in 2019. The foundation will be raising funds for veterinary medicine universities around the United States. Some of the areas the foundation is focusing on is: prevention, causes, diagnostics, management and treatment.

Like The Samson Pet Group’s patent pending Canine Cooleys, Mutt Butts, Cooley Companions and Butt Buddys dog toys, The Samson Blue is a high quality flattie, handmade, stuffed and squeaker-free. It has a heavy duty ripstop polyester fabric body and finished with a triple-stitched, durable nylon binding edge. Each toy contains synthetic versions of the organic compounds found in a dog's anal sacs, and in an amount that is safe for dogs of any weight. The Samson Blue is approximately 10” tall.

The Samson Blue is priced at $16.95 and is available at The Samson Pet Group’s online store at and at Modern Dog Magazine’s online store.

The word is spreading quickly among The Samson Pet Group’s passionate, dog-loving customers around the world. Dogs of every breed and their owners are choosing their dog toys because they're fun and long-lasting. The Samson Pet Group makes toys that are Every Dogs Desire®!