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Traveling with your dog just got a whole lot safer. Petsavvi created the Otto Dog Harness with dog's safety in mind. This product also duals as a walking harness, making it a great multi-purpose product for any dog owner. We had the pleasure of chatting with a few members of the Petsavvi team to discuss a bit more about the Otto Dog Harness.


What is the Otto Dog Harness and why is it a good choice for pet owners?


The Otto Dog Harness is a crash-tested solution that acts as both a walking harness and a car safety harness. If you are looking to keep your dog safe during vehicle transportation, this harness is for you. Worry less about your dog's safety in the case of an accident or a sudden brake. Otto Dog Harness from Petsavvi


What are the benefits of this product for pets and pet owners?


The Otto Dog Harness has innovatively combined all the features a dog owner would need while maintaining aesthetics and functionality. Petsavvi will be rolling out additional add-ons such as a backpack and winter jacket which can simply be added to the velcro at the backside of the harness. 


What makes the Otto Dog Harness unique? How does it stand out in comparison to similar products?


Apart from it being crash-test certified by the Center for Pet Safety, an innovative mechanism that was engineered to allow everyone to put the harness on and off the dog within seconds. Unlike any other harness, this harness caters to dog owners with arthritis in the hands or weak hand/finger strength. 


How does this product reflect the values and goals of your organization (charitable giving, production value, etc.)?


The Otto Dog Harness is a crash-tested solution to increase both your dog's safety and your safety during car travel. Petsavvi aims to increase road safety for active dog owners while providing them with innovative products for their outdoor adventures.

 Dog wearing Otto Dog Harness in car

 How much does the Otto Dog Harness cost, and how can pet owners find out more about this product?


Keeping your furry friend safe will be worth a lot more. Here's how much it will cost:


X-Small  –  $99.99

Small –  $112.99

Medium – $125.99

Large/X-Large – $138.99


The Otto Dog Harness can be found online at or on Facebook and Instagram: @petsavvi