Whether due to breed specific legislation or behavioral issues, purchasing a muzzle for your beloved dog can be a daunting and emotional task. Dog owners want to ensure that they purchase the right muzzle for their pup – one that meets the needs of the dog, fits correctly and is comfortable. With cities increasingly adopting breed-specific legislation, muzzles have become more and more in-demand. At Hot Dogs All Dressed we designed our leather basket muzzles shortly after the province of Ontario adopted legislation to ban pit bulls. This legislation requires that existing pit bulls in the province be muzzled while in public. The Hot Dogs design team set out to create a durable, safe and comfortable basket muzzle. We also believe that if your pooch must wear a muzzle – let it be a cute one!

Basket muzzles vs. Occlusion muzzles
The main purpose of occlusion-type muzzles is to keep the dog’s mouth completely shut. They are mostly used during grooming and are not meant for long-term wear. Occlusion-type muzzles do not allow for panting, this can result in over-heating and increase the chance of stroke. These muzzles are not intended to be worn outdoors or during walks.

Basket-type muzzles allow dogs to open their mouths and pant. They are the ideal option for dogs that are required to wear a muzzle outdoors. It is important for your dog to be able to pant if you plan on having the muzzle on for a long periods of time. Our muzzles have been specifically designed with this is mind.

Leather vs. metal wire baskets
Aggressive and determined dogs can easily destroy nylon and plastic basket muzzles. Wire muzzles are a more secure option, however in a dog on dog altercation the metal wire can cause injury to all parties involved. Additionally, wire muzzles tend to react to weather- heating up or getting cold depending on the outside temperature. The last thing you need is to pry your pooch’s frozen tongue off the wire basket on a cold winter’s day!

Leather basket dog muzzles: Colorful and Creative
The leather basket muzzles we make at Hot Dogs are durable, malleable and are not affected by weather. Each muzzle is hand made; this allows us to create a muzzle tailored to your dog’s specific measurements. Muzzles are available with or without eye straps for added security. This ensures that you will have a muzzle that fits perfectly and is 100% secure. Hot Dogs muzzles are available in any one of our 6 colors of leather and can be decorated with our metal rivets for the most colorful and creative muzzles out there! A little pizzazz never hurt a pooch, right?