JettaJacks all started out as a project to help the owner's dog Jackson with his pain management issues. Suffering from arthritis and hip problems, as well as his skin allergies it was hard for him to find comfort even when lying down in bed. While speaking with a number of veterinarians about designing an orthopedic bed to support his painful joints, along with keeping his bed cooler to create better relief for the irritations on his skin, it should be noted that this design is not just for dogs with medical issues, but for all dogs at every stage in their lives. Since its introduction, the Jackson Bed has helped Jackson get the comfort he needs without the potential negatives associated with traditional foam pet beds.

Jackson Bed Features:

• Infused cooling gel memory foam which provides the first layer of support for pressure relief points, at the same time assisting in maintaining a cooler temperature within the bed.

• The reticulated foam is the most essential piece within the Jackson Bed. It allows air flow beneath the cooling gel memory foam, which increases the bed’s ability to maintain a constant temperature, not allowing it to over heat as in traditional human and pet beds.

• Utilizes a dense foam as the base for the bed’s support and bolster structure. By using this foam as the base layer it adds superior support to the entire bed. It acts much like the box spring in a traditional human bed, giving the bed the foundation and support it requires.

• Manufactured by attaching the bolsters directly to the base, and all adhesives used in the manufacturing process are water based.

• Mattresses are constructed of soy based foams, which are also manufactured for the health care industry, making them human grade.

• Fabrics chosen for the Jackson Bed are all high grade commercial fabrics, which will wear like no other pet bed over a prolonged period of time.