exactly, makes a dog a hero? According to our summer issue:


plural -roes;
for 4 also -ros.


  1. One of distinguished courage or ability, admired
    for his brave deeds and noble qualities. May or may not belong to the
    species Canis.
  2. One who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities
    or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: he was
    a local hero when he saved the drowning child. Frequently in possession of
    four legs and a tail.
  3. The principal canine character in a story, play, film,
    etc. See Lassie
  4. Hero sandwich


what about my Penny? While she is definitely a member of the species Canis and
looks a little like a sub sandwich, does she behold any of the other qualities
of a ‘true’ hero? Henceforth, the hero test:

  • Makes me laugh. Check.
  • Laughs
    at all my jokes. Check.
  • Gets
    me outside for a daily double dose of exercise. Check.
  • Takes my side during arguments. Check.
  • Lowers my blood pressure via ridiculous antics and sweet ‘who me?’ looks. Check.
  • Has provided new inspiration for existing and
    future endeavours. Double Check.

you can see, she passed. With flying colours. Which leads me to believe that
the ‘true’ definition of a hero lies in your own interpretation.  And there
was no shortage of hero’s in this year’s line-up of nominees for American
Humane Association’s 2nd annual Hero Dog Awards. From hundreds of nominated
dogs in eight categories, 8 finalists have been selected. Show your support for
these wonderful dogs and vote for your favorite at herodogawards.org.