In Partnership with Woof Concept

We’ve all been through the struggle of trying to find the right accessories for our dogs. You don’t want a collar that will easily break, but you also don’t want to pay a ton of money for a higher quality piece. Thankfully, good-quality options at lower prices are slowly becoming more widespread. We had the pleasure of chatting with Andy Song, the founder of one of these up and coming companies, to find out the inspiration behind his unique pieces.

What passions, life events, or furry friends inspired you to start Woof Concept Products?

“It all started when we went to one of our friend’s house for dinner. We noticed they were fostering a Maltese named Lori but strangely, Lori had a very different barking sound than most dogs and this is what caught our attention. Lori had her vocal cords removed when she was at the puppy mill. This is when we learned about the international animal rescue organization and after hearing Lori’s heart-aching story, we decided to put our names forward to adopt a dog. A few months later, we received a phone call from the animal rescue group and they matched us with a French Bulldog named Pedro. With life-threatening injuries, he was on his way to a kill-shelter for temporary aid. Thankfully, the animal rescue group reached out to us and without any hesitation, we arranged Pedro to fly to Vancouver where he was given a second chance in life.

When Pedro landed in Vancouver, the first thing was to get his daily essentials such as a bed, a collar, and a leash. But to our surprise, nothing caught our attention. It was just aisles of boring collars and leashes. When we finally found one that we semi-liked online, it was over $60. We were extremely frustrated with this and were thinking why isn’t there a good looking and durable collar in the market that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg? As our family have prior apparel manufacturing and design experience, we simply went to the drawing board and created our own. This collar soon caught a lot of dog walkers’ attention and this is how Woof Concept was started.”

What does your work offer to pet owners? What are your goals for this venture?

“Our mission is simple – We want to create a fun/stylish yet durable product that would not cost us an arm or leg. You don’t need to pay $60 for our collars (not even half of that).”

What makes this organization a good choice for pet owners? What benefits do they gain by engaging with your organization?

“By purchasing our products, each customer will indirectly become part of our movement to end animal cruelty. Part of the proceeds from every item sold is donated to local and international rescue organizations. We have helped and sponsored families across the country on their pet adoptions.”

What makes Woof Concept Products unique? How do they stand out in comparison to similar products?

“There are simply no shortcuts in creating a premium product. The webbing on our collars took us over a year to develop. We wanted to find a webbing that was soft enough on the hands but durable enough to withstand over 1000 pounds of pull pressure. Our manufacturing team has over a century of combined apparel manufacturing experience, therefore we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.”

Not only are their products super durable, but Woof Concept Products is a company you can feel good about supporting. Find out more about their products here and share your Woof Concept pictures with us below or on social media!