Logan Ryan is not only a starting cornerback for the Tennessee Titans and a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots, he’s also a dedicated animal rescuer. In 2017, he and his wife Ashley—together they have two small children and three dogs—created a non-profit called Ryan’s Animal Rescue Foundation or RARF, for short.

Both are huge animal lovers who were inspired to start their own rescue group after adopting Leo, a Pit Bull mix who was found as a stray in Boston and needed a lot of veterinary care on his road to recovery.

“It all clicked once we adopted Leo,” the couple shares. “Leo started needing surgery after surgery after surgery to get him back to his normal self. We began thinking—how do families with less resources and less flexibility take care of medical needs?”

The experience led to the creation of Ryan’s Animal Rescue Foundation—and the adoption of a third dog named Julius who is without eyes.

Dedicated to supporting the animal community with financial and educational resources, they host monthly rescues on the 26th of each month (Ryan’s jersey is #26), pup rallies, and even had their wedding guests donate to a Caribbean rescue group in lieu of gifts. Check out their good work and how to get involved at ryananimalfoundation.org.