Everyone loves the idea of sharing leisure time fun with pets, but the reality of juggling leashes, crates, and pet supplies can be a nightmare.  Usually, we simply take them along without all the gear, and are distracted with managing their behavior and monitoring for their safety and comfort. 

Lisa Bishop lived this while trying to include an anti-social shih tzu at her daughter’s soccer matches. She also noticed that those who brought dogs, seldom brought crates, but always had a chair – and often a pet tangled within the legs of those chairs. Thus, Wrapsit™ slipcover crate was born. Soon after, Lisa and her sister, Carla Collette, founded LeisureEase, LLC with Wrapsit™ as the flagship product.

Wrapsit™ offers a virtually effortless solution to sharing activities and events with small pets more comfortably and securely. 

A simple slipcover, Wrapsit™ slides over the base of your standard folding quad chair and instantly creates a large, soft-sided enclosure under the seat.  Now, anytime you open your chair, you can easily provide your small pet a safe haven from the sun, the crowd and other pets and pests. Four large mesh sides allow for ventilation and viewing and a waterproof base protects pets from itchy grass, moisture and creepy crawlies. Staking loops at the four corners provide security should the wind roll in or a squirrel run by.

At the end of the day, simply close the chair with Wrapsit™ in place, wrap and go. The exterior pockets remain accessible and the padded handle and convertible shoulder strap/pet leash allow you to carry the chair and lead your pet with only one hand.
Perfect for festivals, beach trips, tailgate parties, pet shows, days at the park, and so much more! Where will you Wrapsit™?
For more details, visit http://www.wrapsit.com