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The Best Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters, Messy Eaters, and More!

Solve your dog's dinnertime woes with these problem-solving dog bowls

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Your dog loves mealtime, and who can blame her? But issues like bolting her food, bloat, dirty face and ears, messy dining area, spilt water, sore joints making it difficult to eat, and more can mar the experience for you both. We’ve selected speciality feeders and water bowls designed to keep your dog’s dining focused on the important stuff: food!


If you’ve got a voracious eater in your household you know the perils of a meal eaten too quickly! To prevent your dog from gulping down her meal and getting bloat, the Northmate Green Slow Feeder slows down your dog’s dining and challenges them to push their food through the “grass” in order to free it and eat it.

Northmate Green Slow Feeder


Your dog will love the challenge presented by Kruuse’s Buster Dogmaze feeder! A great way to prevent your excitable eater from getting bloat, this vibrantly coloured feeder provides an enriching dining experience for your deserving pup.

Kruuse Dogmaze


Long-eared dog causing unwanted mess in your household? They can’t help it if their lengthy ears droop into their meal and subsequently drag dog food all over the house—luckily, Kruuse’s Incredibowl has your solution. Its narrow design allows your dog’s snout to enter the bowl but keeps ears neatly out. A total life hack!

Kruuse Incredibowl

Keeping your dog hydrated is an important part of their overall health, but an easy thing to overlook! With its innovative design, the Torus Water Bowl from Heyrex stores water inside its walls, keeping dust and other contaminants out of your dog’s water, and autoreplenshing when necessary. Plus, its ergonomic low profile means no spills, and its valve-lock feature means this bowl is travel-ready!

Heyrex Torus Bowl


A feeder that grows with your dog? Precisely! Dexas’s Double Elevated Feeder’s height is adjustable, so you can maintain the perfect feeding posture as your dog ages. Especially helpful for older or arthritic dogs, the correct positioning of the bowl relieves stress on joints and improves digestion.

Dexas Double Feeder


The future of dog feeding is here! The technologically advanced Feed and Go allows you to pre-schedule your dog’s feedings from your phone, device or computer and monitor your dog’s eating habits thanks to its built-in webcam. The perfect invention for busy pet-owners, it affords you more quality time with your best friend!

Feed and Go




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