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The Benefits of CBD for Your Dog

From pain relief to anxiety management, CBD proponents say it can do it all—even fight cancer but is it right for your dog?

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If you follow any wellness conversations, you’ve no doubt heard the miraculous stories around CBD oil: dogs with cancer granted a new lease on life; seizures (in dogs and in people) controlled when all other forms of conventional medication failed; anxiety quelled; pain controlled; appetites rekindled. Even Martha Stewart’s French Bulldog partakes, reports the New York Times. In fact, she’s launching her own CBD line in conjunction with Snoop Dog.

Suddenly, CBD is everywhere. But what is this wonder drug, and could it help your dog? CBD comes from the cannabis plant but unlike marijuana, which contains high levels of THC, it’s non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t make you or your dog high. (CBD products must have a THC content of 0.3 percent or less.)

What it can do is offer serious pain relief, thanks to the cannabinoids it contains. Humans and dogs have specific cannabinoid receptor sites in the body. By interacting with these receptors, CBD effects neurotransmitters in the body, reducing pain and inflammation. (Think of it as a key in a lock.)

In addition to anti-inflammatory effects and pain relief, studies have shown that CBD oil can decrease chronic inflammation, manage seizures and anxiety, and even fight cancer! Pretty amazing stuff, right? And despite being hemp-derived, it’s legal in both Canada and the US. Interested in giving it a try? We’ve rounded up a selection of companies offering CBD, formulated especially for dogs, in the form of tinctures, treats, and oils.


Want to give it a try?
CBD-infused oils make delivery a breeze!


Your dog will love the smoky bacon flavour of Medix’s CBD Oil for Dogs, an easy-to-administer tincture formulated to help reduce anxiety and insomnia while providing pain relief for your pup. ($30,


These Broad Spectrum THC-free CBD drops from Blue Ridge Botanicals go down easy and are formulated to reduce pain and inflammation to help your dog feel great! ($31,


With positive health benefits such as pain and nausea relief, increased appetite, reduced anxiety, and more, Tuscan Natural’s Simply Pure CBD oil can help improve your pup’s quality of life so they can focus on doing the things they love! ($50,


Does your small breed dog have stressors affecting their mood and behaviour? Green Roads’ Small Dog CBD Drops may be the answer! Simply give the daily amount, which may help stressors that challenge your furry BFF. ($20,


Specially formulated to help treat a variety of ailments from chronic pain to anxiety, these Health Drops from Healthier Pet work quickly and effectively. CBD is combined with hemp seed oil and fish oil to provide your dog with added health benefits. ($53,


Pawse Daily Support CBD oil is a ‘made just for pets’ formulation of broad spectrum (THC free) hemp extract, coconut MCT oil, and plant derived terpenes. Pawse makes it easy to identity correct dosage and safely administer orally via their plastic dropper. ($29,


CBD For Canines
Give CBD a try with these products formulated for pets!


Made with pharmaceutical grade fish oil, and USA grown CBD, Iceland Pure’s Next Level Premier CBD Fish Oil is specially formulated for dogs to provide a whole range of benefits including reducing anxiety, and aches and pains. ($82,


Your dog will be begging for more of these CBD Chicken Meatballs from MediPets CBD. Made with CBD sourced from industrial hemp, each meatball contains 7mg of CBD to make dosing easy and will help keep your dog’s mind and body healthy. ($40,


Dr. Fuzzball’s CBD Coconutty Oil for Dogs can reduce your dog’s stress, calm nerves, and relieve itchy skin. Made with only cold-pressed coconut oil and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract with CBD, it’s a great addition to your dog’s diet to keep them happy and healthy. ($27,


If your dog is experiencing hip or joint pain, try Grizzly Pet Product’s Hemp Enhanced Joint Aid Liquid. Its synergistic blend of five active joint support ingredients, wild fish oil, and organically grown hemp oil can help reduce stiffness, pain, and inflammation. ($30,


Perfect for the active dog! Keep aches and pains at bay with these tasty wheat and gluten-free Active Formula wellness biscuits from Austin and Kat. They’re made with whole ingredients like salmon and blueberry along with full-spectrum CBD to keep your active pup happy, healthy, and feeling good. ($50,

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