On any given day, Brenda Lynch of Mutt Lynch Winery can be found juggling three of her greatest joys—nurturing the two incredible adults that are currently occupying the bodies of her 11-year old twins, overseeing the winery brand that bears her name and advocating on behalf of animals within the rescue community. It’s kind of a wacky act that sometimes makes her feel like Wonder Woman, but more frequently makes her hope that when all else fails, good intentions will count for something. She does believe that.

At the winery, they’ve just launched a new program “Wines That Give Back” that uses their custom label capability to generate additional funds for worthy rescue organizations. The first label in this series was created for their good friends at Compassion Without Borders – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a better future for animals in need on both sides of the border.  CWOB’s co-founder Moncho Camblor is a talented graphic designer and translating his designs to an impactful label was virtually seamless. The reaction the winery received was overwhelming. Obviously giving organizations a unique opportunity to showcase their passion and for the community to step up to show their support was a winning combination.  People loved the idea of supporting their cause with a custom label wine.


Since the program’s inception, the winery has gone on to develop labels for Greyhound Friends for Life and Paws for Love. A new label for the Sonoma Humane Society will also debut in September of 2017.

The process for creating the custom label is simple, with an organization’s artwork submitted to the winery’s label designer for interpretation and legal compliance. The fundraising is also straightforward, with 25% of every sale of these custom label wines going straight back to the individual organizations. Based on request and inventory, the winery decides which wines to pair with which organizations. 


Brenda’s enthusiasm for the juggling required for the responsibilities of family, winemaking and creative support for the animal rescue community is impressive. Welcome to the world of art and rescue. Welcome to the world of Mutt Lynch Winery.

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For more information on Mutt Lynch Winery and the “Wines That Give Back” series please visit: www.muttlynchwinery.com