This week I was asked to dispense some dog advice in the most unexpected location — a noisy crowded casino. I was a birthday celebration and I didn’t gamble a cent I hasten to add. We were sitting enjoying the buffet, a nice respite from the smoke, when one of the guests started to explain that her dog had a really dry and itchy coat.

My first thought was about the dog’s diet. We are what we eat – and the same applies to our pooches too.

I started to explain about wheat allergies and how important it is to read food labels and of course pointing out that the first three ingredients are the most important on the label as that highlights exactly what the food is primarily about. If the first ingredients include wheat and by-products – you know exactly what you are serving — junk!

I was asked the question and I answered it best I could under the circumstances but I could just see that the dog owner wasn’t listening to a word I was saying. Absolutely NOTHING was sinking in.

Instead, she was rattling off a whole list of human anti-dandruff treatments she’d been using. I tried to explain that dogs have a different Ph factor to humans and that’s why there are special for formulations for dogs. Blah Blah Blah.

The lights were still out …

Now I know why magazines whether the audience is general or pet-specific, repeat certain articles over and over and over again. The diligent reader may think it’s a waste of time and boring on the part of the editors, but trust me, its to try and capture new eyes to the reading material.

There is so much wonderful information out there about the health and well being of our pets and yet there are still lots of pet owners who haven’t read the memo.

I gave up with this particular person. I stood more chance of pulling a million dollars out of a slot machine. Instead, I suggested she take her dog to the vet. I would have thought that would have been obvious too.