A Modern Dog survey determined that 54% of our readers would take a job for lesser pay if they could bring their dogs with them to work. Here at Modern Dog’s headquarters we know firsthand the advantages of having our canine side kicks lying in their dog beds alongside our desks… both dog and human alike benefit from this arrangement. Let’s face it dogs are social beings and want to be part of the pack and would therefore rather be spending their day with us than being home alone. And apart from having our dogs here to remind us to get up and take a break from the computers we sit in front of for way too long (in that all too familiar necks-craned-forward position that contributes to bad posture and muscle strain), spending time with our dogs, stroking them or even just watching them has been proven to reduce blood pressure and lower heart rates.

So, it’s good for you and good for your dog and you really want to bring her to work, but just how do you go about convincing your boss that it’s a good idea? Try the one-day-at-a-time approach. Start, by telling your boss about joining forces with thousands of others who for one day, this coming Friday June 21st, will bring their dog to work with them. It’s Pet Sitters 15th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day created for the purpose of showing your dog-less co-workers what wonderful companions dogs make and encourage them to adopt a dog themselves from a shelter or rescue organization (how could your boss refuse when it's such a worthy cause!!). Thousands of businesses throughout the world will be participating in this event. You will, of course, need your employer's consent/cooperation and you'll want to make sure you've got your co-workers on board with the idea too. 

First and foremost you'll want to make sure Bandit is well-groomed, fresh smelling and good-mannered (a Canine Good Citizen certificate would earn you and your pooch brownie points). You'll also want to make sure that he gets some regular bathroom breaks so there won't be any embarrassing mishaps on the office floor. To be on the safe side we recommend having the appropriate cleaning supplies on hand "just in case". A baby gate to enclose your dog in an area beside you may also be helpful. Our friends at Pets+Us also have some helpful tips to be sure you and your dog have a successful day at work or visit Pet Sitter's official Take Your Dog To Work Day site. And then, with one successful dog-at-work day behind you, you can continue advocating for more dogs-on-the-job days, hopefully working up to a pet-friendly work place. Have fun and good luck!

Here's Rose on the job, peeking over to see what Mary's up to…