One of the perks of being the boss at Modern
Dog is that I get to make the rules. The very first rule I made was
"Dogs Welcome"
– all employees at Modern Dog are welcome to bring their dogs to work
with them
every day. It seems like a long time ago now, but I recall when I worked
more conventional office environments where dogs weren’t allowed. Saying
good-bye to my Kaya-girl as I left for work each morning and seeing
those sad doe eyes when she realized she wasn’t going with me, made me
feel depressed and anxious. Kaya was always a bit of a
Nervous Nelly and separation anxiety hard to keep at bay. That’s why I’d
home at lunch time to check on her
taking her out for a quick walk
and pee break before
dashing back to work again. It was stressful for both of us and now
easily forgotten in Modern Dog’s dog-friendly environment.


If you’re itching to bring your dog to work, then I’ve
got the perfect way to broach the subject with your boss:  tell him/her
that Take Your Dog To Work Day is
coming up…  next Friday, June 25th,
to be exact – and it’s for a good cause!


Now in its twelfth year, Take Your
Dog To Work Day was created by Pet Sitters International for the purpose
showing your dog-less co-workers what wonderful companions dogs make and
encourage them to adopt a dog themselves from a shelter or rescue
Thousands of businesses throughout the world will be participating in
event. You will, of course, need your employer’s consent/cooperation and
want to make sure you’ve got your co-workers on board with the idea too.

First and foremost you’ll want to make sure Scruffy is well-groomed,
fresh smelling
and good-mannered. You’ll also want to make sure that he gets some
bathroom breaks so there won’t be any embarrassing mishaps on the office
To be on the safe side we recommend having the appropriate cleaning
supplies on
hand "just in case". For more ideas on how to plan a successful
dog-on-the-job day, visit Pet Sitter’s official Take
Your Dog To Work Day

If you’re having a tough time getting your boss to warm up to the idea,
remember to fortify your argument with this information: dogs in the
help reduce stress (i.e., lower blood pressure and heart rate) and as
decrease absenteeism. Here are some other interesting stats:  40% of
Modern Dog readers bring their dogs to
work with them (19.2% every day; 20.8% once in a while), while 54.4% of
readers would take a lesser paying job for the privilege of being able
to bring
their dog to work with them.


Good luck with getting your boss on
board with Take Your Dog to Work Day. Don’t forget to send us some
pictures of
your dog on the job.


Here’s a picture of my poochie Kaya on her bed in my office (taken a couple years ago now)… she was a clock watcher when it came to snack time.