Wake&Wag’s Battlefield-Tested Dog Beds

Tired of lumpy, smelly dog beds that you have to replace every year? At last, a high-tech dog bed that will last for the life of your dog! The Wake&Wag dog bed provides a durable, easy-to-clean and comfortable place for your pooch, using SKYDEX patented technology and highly cushioning materials originally designed for the United States military.

Most dog beds aren’t built for dogs; they’re made with cheap foam that just can’t take the wear-and-tear, wet paws, shifting weight and everything else you and your dog throw at them. That’s why you end up buying a new one every year.

Wake&Wag’s barking up an entirely different tree with technology that has literally been tested on the battlefield. In fact, their beds are made from the same long-lasting material used for blast-absorbing military vehicle flooring and Barracks Mattresses. The innerspring is made from a soft, flexible engineered plastic that is not only known for bouncing back and resisting cuts, scratches and tears, it’s instantly and infinitely responsive to your dog's position, weight and pressure points. Featuring an integrated handle, these beds are crafted to maintain their shape making them easy to move, stow and transport. That’s why Wake&Wag is for the life of your dog.

Wake&Wag Dog Beds by SKYDEX from SKYDEX Technologies, Inc on Vimeo.

As pet owners, we deal with the fear of our home smelling liked dog! Additionally, fleas and ticks love the warm, dark crevices in a traditional bed's foam core and saliva, stains and moisture foster the growth of bacteria. Not only does this promote that “stinky dog” smell, it quickly makes the average dog bed unsanitary.

Wake&Wag’s completely removable, machine-washable cover and one-piece, easy to clean odor and dirt resistant innerspring helps break the “stinky dog cycle,” once and for all! Enter coupon code “Holidays14” for a 15% discount through 12/31/14. wakeandwag.com

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