Super Chewer Tested & Approved.

Make Fido sing for his supper and have a great time doing it with The Odin treat dispensing puzzle toy. This soft yet durable non-toxic rubber toy is designed to make your dog figure out how to get at those treats, keeping him moving AND his brain sharp! $23,

Is your dog a tug-aholic? The Viper Synthetic Tug from Dogline is made from the same top-grade synthetic linen used to make K9 bite suits—now that’s tough! Extremely durable and tear-resistant, these tugs feature a rubber woven handle for a strong grip during playtime. From $14,

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and play! What is it about empty plastic water bottles that drives pooches crazy? We may never know the appeal but you can fulfill your dog's mysterious crunch craving time with the FAT CAT Water Bottle Cruncher. This playful and seriously heavy-duty canvas shell fits empty water bottles perfectly and is designed to stand up to dogs that are tough on toys. From $10,
A customer review: My dog loves it!!! That is his baby!! He has destroyed every other toy except this. It stood the test against a 110 pound Lab!!

For chronic toy destroyers, there is the JollyTuff range from Jolly Pets, designed to stand up to the most powerful chewer. Plus, the thick natural rubber has raised surfaces to help clean teeth, there are places to stuff treats, it bounces, it’s dishwasher safe, and smells like vanilla! From $6,

A ball that will never go flat even when punctured? This dog-dream is now a reality! Aptly named The Beast, this super-durable ball made of non-toxic foam has a self-inflating valve so it will always bounce back, no matter what your dog throws at it. Did we mention it floats too? From From $10,

Lil’ Brush Bones

Lil Brush Bones

Keeping your dog's teeth clean can be a challenge, but treats like Merrick's Lil' Brush Dental Bones can help! These all-natural treats help to clean teeth and freshen doggy breath, and they are a taste that your dog will surely love! -TC

DIY Eat: Superfood Gravy

The gravies that we enjoy are not good for our dogs because they are far too salty. Here, instead, is a gravy that is perfect for dogs—meaty, rich, delicious, and with some good antioxidants, so it’s healthy as well. Organ meat in the form of liver gives it a vitamin E boost, too. It does take a bit of time to prepare, but you can then pour it into an ice-cube tray, freeze it, and take out cubes to use when you need them.


1 Tbsp oil
1 lb (approx 500 g) ground turkey
4 oz (100 g) liver
¼ cup frozen peas
3 cups water



Step 1 Heat the oil in a frying pan and
brown the ground turkey and liver.

Step 2 Once the meats are browned, add
the frozen peas then pour in 3 cups of
water. Put a lid on the pan and leave to
simmer for 30 minutes.

Step 3 Remove the pan from the heat
and leave to cool slightly then place the
mixture in a food processor or blender and
blitz until smooth.

It may still look a bit grainy once you
have done this, but your dog won’t mind!
Frozen in an ice-cube tray, this gravy will
keep for up to two months. Warm to room
temperature before feeding.

For more of Henrietta Morrison’s super recipes check out her wonderful
cookbook, Dinner for Dogs (Ebury Press, 2012), $16.


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