A Huggable And Loveable Pet Creation

Pets are the great love of our lives. Their constant companionship and undeniable adoration can turn even the toughest of souls to mush. Whether yours is a furry friend or one of the amphibious persuasion, you can make them even more cuddly with a plushie version that is virtually so lifelike; you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real thing. South Florida-based Petsies is bringing your pets to life with a custom plushie that takes into account every intricate detail and marking that makes your pet so special and unique to you.

Incredible Petsies Likeness

Hailing from South Florida, Petsies has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2013. Appearing on the hit show SharkTank and featured by media outlets such as BuzzFeed and The New York Times, Petsies has answered the call of pet lovers around the world with custom stuffed animals featuring the likeness of their beloved pet. From kittens to dogs, fish, birds, lizards and even chickens, Petsies makes it a reality for a pet owner to preserve the look, feel, and appeal of their pet by simply using a photograph sent from the pet owner to craft in delicate detail a pet creation like no other.

For Petsies owners this is the ideal way to honor a lost and loved pet as well as bring a smile to an adoring pet lovers face. These plushies make the ideal gift for any pet owner and in its purest form is the easiest way for someone to just say they love their pet by having one to hold, hug, and kiss.

The appearance of a Petsies plushie will literally take your breath away as the likeness to your pet is uncanny. With a staff of superior seamstresses, each stuffed animal is custom crafted and hand sewn for a completely unique creation of your pet. No two are alike, just like no two pets are alike.

The Lovable Huggables

Its product line is comprised of the popular Huggables line that features, you guessed it, 100 percent huggable plushies that are completely one-of-a-kind. The Huggables are perfect gifts and an adorable way to love your pet that much more.

The Huggables come with a soft plush fur to cuddle and airbrushing touch up to increase the cuteness factor. You’ll love the adorable noses and big doting eyes. Dress them up in a costume or keep it simple, the choice is yours, and the best part about the Huggable is they are hypoallergenic and most importantly they don’t shed an ounce. And, cleanup is a breeze!

Forevers Are Your Friend

For those that have lost a pet, Petsies offers the most remarkable way to memorialize them with a Forevers stuffed animal in their likeness that you can hold and cuddle as you think of them fondly. With the bevy of photos that pet owners take, it is simple to mimic your long-lost pet and have them by your side day and night.

With Petsies’ Forevers , airbrushing is used to get every last detail from furrow lines to distinct markings, not a feature will be missing. Your pet will look just like you remember and bring back a flood of memories of how much they meant to you. Forevers also feature realistic fur as well as specialty eyes and noses to really enhance the look of your stuffed pet.

Rising Stars

One of the more unique offerings from the company is its Star Collection that celebrates the pet sensations that are taking the internet by storm. If your pet is famous on social media or has made a name for themselves on YouTube, they can be entered into the collection as a rising star or full-fledged celebrity.

If you’re a fan of these pet stars, you too can own a piece of their very own likeness by shopping Petsies for a stuffed animal of them – complete with a cute costume. It is the perfect way for the ultimate fan to show their dedication to the Stars.

Petsies has created a wide array of plushie pets for owners. To date, it has developed more than 26,000 stuffed pet versions that are in the happy hands of pet owners near and far. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a friend, Petsies makes ordering a plushie pet of any kind quick and easy through its website mypetsies.com. Just select your pet type, upload your photos, and soon your huggable plushie pet will arrive right at your home. It couldn’t be simpler! So, what are your waiting for? Order your Huggables, Forevers or Stars stuffed animal today!

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