Cute Overload!



1. Watson & Kiko

If your day needs a bit of brightening, this is the account to follow. This outrageously adorable account shares the adventures of Watson and Kiko, a pair of Golden Retrievers that are super-lovey best buds (those dog hugs! *heart melts*). Bonus cuteness provided by guest starring cats and beanie-wearing hedgehogs.



2. Norbert

This account is one of our very favourite Instagram follows. With his Gremlin ears and tiny tongue sticking out, Norbert, a three-pound therapy dog, author, and philanthropist is almost too cute for words. Plus, he brings the feel-good. When he calls himself a “smol smile ambassador” he sums it up perfectly—this pint-sized pup is a volunteer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.



3. Doug The Pug

When Doug the Pug proclaims himself the “king of pup culture,” it’s no exaggeration. This Instagram star has a whopping 3.7 million followers. Why should you count yourself among them? A funny combo of extremely droll Pug-ness delivered in a whole variety of silly set-ups pretty much guarantees a smile.



4. Dave & Elizabeth

Attention Corgi and Dachshund fans: you’re going to want to follow the Ween and the Queen, aka New York-based besties Dave the Dachshund and Elizabeth the Corgi. These two bring personality-plus (think Corgi smiles and that Dachshund je ne sais quoi) to stylishly composed shots for an Instagram win.

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