Redbarn Pet Products to be the Official Treat Sponsor for Dogs4Diabetics

Sponsored by Redbarn Pet Products

Redbarn Pet Products has been a trusted brand since 1996 delivering the highest quality ingredients to pets everywhere. Redbarn was started by lifelong friends, Jeff and Howard, their initial goal was and continues to be to make high quality, innovative food and treats at competitive prices. They strive to provide you the highest level of customer service possible and conduct business with integrity and respect.

The Official Treat Sponsor for Dogs4Diabetics!

Dogs never cease to amaze us! They offer companionship, bring joy into our lives and are always wanting to keep their humans happy. Being a dog owner and working with dogs can be so rewarding.

Service dogs do incredibly important work and a lot goes into training the service dogs you may see out in public. Every working service dog you see has not only gone through a thorough training process, but they have puppy raisers and trainers behind them who have dedicated their time to getting the dogs through to their career as a working dog. We are always so impressed with service dogs and their trainers and how hard they work!

Redbarn Pet Products is proud to support Dogs4Diabetics, a nonprofit in California focused on raising and training medical-alert services dogs for people with Type 1 Diabetes. Redbarn has recently been named their official treat sponsor and will be supplying them with treats for all of their training needs! Here is what they had to say about their newest treat line and working with service dogs.

What are Protein Puffs and why is it a good choice for pet owners?

Redbarn’s Protein Puffs are an innovative, tasty, and a healthy treat, available for dogs and cats. Packed with 75 percent protein derived from the same grade of whey caseinate— an ingredient commonly used in health products like protein shakes and protein bars— and essential amino acids, Protein Puffs support muscle development and transporting nutrients throughout the body. And at less than one calorie per treat and baked without the use of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, this high-quality treat is ideal for training, everyday rewards, or as a kibble topper. 
What are the benefits of this product for pets and pet owners?

  • Made in the USA
  • High Protein Treat
  • Low Fat
  • Grain-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Less than 1 Calorie Per Treat
  • Free From Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Colors
  • Free From Wheat, Corn, Soy
  • Highly Digestible Treat
  • Excellent Source of Balanced Amino Acids
  • Non-GMO
  • Suitable for All Life Stages

What makes Protein Puffs so unique? How does it stand out in comparison to similar products?

Forming an exclusive partnership with one of the largest caseinate suppliers in the world, Redbarn's Protein Puffs are a unique treat that focuses on a progressive health and wellness mindset for pets. The tasty combination of natural ingredients and protein are baked without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colorings. So crunchy and light you will hear the delight pets have after every bite.
How does this product reflect the values and goals of your organization?

Health and wellness is the main driver of innovation at Redbarn, and Protein Puffs are a perfect example of this in action. Creating a high protein, low-calorie treat that is all natural and made in the USA meets numerous needs of today's’ pet parents. This is especially true for dog parents looking for an effective training treat, ensuring their pups stay nourished when edible incentives are used to learn and repeat certain behaviors. 

Redbarn is honored to partner with Dogs4Diabetics, who recently named Redbarn their Official Treat Sponsor. Through this new partnership, Redbarn will provide Dogs4Diabetics with an ongoing monthly supply of Protein Puffs. These treats will be used to help scent-train service dogs to detect changes in blood sugar 20 to 30 minutes before the latest technology on the market would, and alert their owners accordingly.

"Dogs4Diabetics is an amazing organization and we're honored to play a part in helping train the service dogs that support the diabetic community," said Howie Bloxam, co-founder of Redbarn Pet Products. "Our Protein Puffs are light and airy, low in calories and packed with protein, providing an optimal reward for good behavior during training sessions. We're looking forward to sharing these treats in support of this important initiative for years to come."

Dogs4Diabetics is committed to ethical and industry-leading standards in its training, and also makes sure its service dogs are mature, socialized, and skilled in basic obedience prior to finding these dogs their forever home. For more information on the nonprofit, visit!

How much do Protein Puffs cost, and how can pet owners find out more about this product?

To learn more about Protein Puffs visit They are available in peanut butter, cheese, and turkey varieties for dogs and salmon, turkey, and chicken varieties for cats.

Hero Dog

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards’ mission is to search out and recognize heroic dogs who have truly gone above and beyond. It’s from among these remarkable canines, including guide dogs, PTSD service dogs, and search & rescue dogs, that one dog is named American Hero Dog. This year, that dog is Chi Chi, a therapy dog who took 2018’s top honour for her extraordinary bravery and good works. This incredible dog survived the worst humankind has to offer and went on to inspire people all over the world to face their challenges with renewed courage.

 Golden Retriever Chi Chi’s story begins in South Korea and is marked by unspeakable cruelty. She was found in a garbage bag, her legs bound, worn to the bone, and already necrotized. She had been left for dead.

Her rescuers quickly realized their only chance to save her was to amputate a portion of all four of her legs. The surgery was successful but the real work—that of rehabilitating her spirit—was to follow.

"All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog."

 – Charles M Schulz

“When she first arrived at our home, she was afraid of people,” says her adopter, Elizabeth Howell of Phoenix, Arizona. “But with time and lots of love and grace, she realized that she is safe. She forgave and decided to trust people again.”

Chi Chi quickly adapted to her first set of custom prosthetics and now spends her days as a certified Therapy Dog, sharing her joyful self with people of all ages.

Despite the horrors Chi Chi has endured, she has nothing but love for the people she meets. Her sweet temper opens hearts, and her perceptive spirit senses where her love is needed, shares Elizabeth. “When people meet Chi Chi, they are inspired by her courage, perseverance, ability to overcome adversity, and her never-give-up attitude. She exemplifies resilience and forgiveness.”

Getting An Emotional Support Dog

What Is An Emotional Support Dog?

An emotional support dog is a pet that provides comfort and relief to those with disabilities. These dogs aredifferent than service dogs because they do not perform tasks for their owners. Instead, they provide security and love which relieves at least one symptom of their owner’s disability. These animals are often used to help those with anxiety, mental or emotional conditions.

Service Dogs vs Emotional Support Dogs

It is important to understand the difference between service dogs and emotional support dogs, as they are very different. A service dog is categorized as medical equipment for their owners. They are trained specifically to perform certain tasks their owners cannot complete on their own. Some examples are seeing eye dogs that help their owners cross the street or dogs that help owners do chores around the house. Service dogs are permitted to go places most pets cannot go because their owners need their help.

These animals are prescribed to owners who need emotional support and stability. These dogs do not perform tasks for their owners, but simply improve their quality of life through emotional connection and support. Since the dogs are not required to perform tasks, there is no specific training needed. Unlike service dogs, these animals are not considered to be medical equipment but laws are in place that allows these animals to be with their owners. The Air Access Carrier Act allows support dogs to fly with their owners at no extra charge. Owners must have written proof from a licensed physician or mental health professional to qualify for this benefit. The Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 helps emotional support animal owners qualify for pet-free housing at no extra charge. No other entities such as motels, libraries, theaters or public areas must abide by these laws. In these areas, these pets are considered pets and have no additional rights.

What Are The Qualifications For Getting An Emotional Support Dog?

Those who want an emotional support must legally qualify to do so. A licensed mental health professional such as a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist must write a prescription letter in the proper format. The letter must state the name of the patient, that they are under the care of the practitioner and the type of disability that exists. In addition, the letter must state how this disability negatively affects at least one activity in life. The practitioner must also clearly state they are prescribing an ESA as an essential part of mental health treatment. In order to be legal, this letter must be written on the practitioner’s letterhead and dated. The license number of the professional and the state in which it was issued is also required.

Serious mental or emotional health conditions are considered to be disabilities. You may qualify to obtain an ESA if you have one of the following conditions that depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, seasonal affective disorder and panic disorder. 


At Touch ESA, our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of emotional support dogs and to provide an easy, fast, and affordable online assessment to determine ESA eligibility and a properly formatted prescription letter for housing and travel purposes. Live and travel anywhere with your dog by your side. For more information or to take a free assessment visit or call 414-807-8934.



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