PupSaver’s Rear-facing Small Dog Car Seat

PupSaver is the only crash-tested, rear-facing, small dog car seat on the market! PupSaver's rear-facing design (finally) makes it safe to have your little friend along for the ride – in the front or back seat! Easy to install, too: just attach to seatbelt, clip PupSaver's tether to your dog™s harness (recommended) or collar, and go! PupSaver is for use with dogs up to 30 lbs. Available in 3 trendy-yet-seriously-cozy fabrics: Black & White Houndstooth, Plush Leopard and Lynx Faux Fur. Spot clean only.

PupSaver was created by small dog lovers for their own small breed dogs, who were in need of a safe seat for car rides! Crash tested at an NHTSA-contracted research facility, PupSaver's fashionably comfy looks belie the true safety standards that guide its design. PupSaver provides more than what a booster seat, harness, or crate ever could. You have to wonder: if I were in an accident, what would happen to my small, fragile dog in each of those other travel 'safety' products?

PupSaver's creative team includes automotive safety experts, veterinarians and child safety seat design engineers. PupSaver proudly underwent a series of crash tests at MGA Research Corp.- right here in the USA. The test used is called the FMVSS 213 and it mirrors the crash test simulation used for child safety seat testing. PupSaver successfully contained a 25-pound canine ballast weight at 30 mph.

Check out our crash test video to see PupSaver's patented rear-facing design in action:

So, how exactly does PupSaver keep a small dog safe in an accident or short stop? Think of a clamshell. The PupSaver is rear-facing and attached to the seat of your car by a 5-Point Seatbelt Attachment System. Your small dog is attached, by their harness or collar (if unable to use harnesses), to the PupSaver's seat bottom by a tether strap, which is adjusted to fit them perfectly. In the event of an accident, or even a hard stop, the PupSaver encloses the small dog, absorbing energy and protecting their fragile bodies.

Bottom line: dogs love PupSaver's comfort – owners love the safety and style!

Check out this super-cute 60-second animation to see how PupSaver works:


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