Your Summer Inspo

1. Go ahead; give yourself permission to play like a kid. Instead of dodging that sprinkler, why not run through it?

2. Our dogs are never happier than when they’re eating. Join them in the simple plesaure of a cool treat on a hot day. For a pup-friendly ice cream recipe go to

3. Whatever big move you’re contemplating, go for it. Throw yourself in the deep end.

4. Two words: kiddie pool. So you live somewhere landlocked? Don’t let that rain on your parade. Kiddie pools are fun for everyone, dogs and adults included.

5. Truth: there are very few days that can’t be improved by a fun floatie. Grab your pool toys and your pup and retire to the nearest body of water.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your pups have a wonderful day begging for turkey and enjoying the company of friends and family. It's a great day for frolicking amongst pumpkins and autumn leaves!

Don't give your pup too many scraps — however, he doesn't have to miss out! Check out this article to add some fall flavours to your dog's food. Some more awesome Thanksgiving treats can be found here!


1) Bruno and Marley

These two buddies are having a great time in the fallen leaves this Thanksgiving season! – Submitted by Peter M


2) Oso

Oso the American Bully is so excited for these pumpkins to get turned into pumpkin pies! It's the best aroma ever. – Submitted by Bianca V


3) Holly



Thanksgiving is harvest season! Holly the chiweenie helps her family get out the scarecrow just in time for the season. – Submitted by Celina and Kayden C


4) Henry

You don't have to be chowing down on pumpkin pie to like chewing them! – Henry the lab submitted by Sandy B


5) Merle 

Wearing an orange bow, Merle the chocolate lab has the perfect Thanksgiving colours. – Submitted by Madison Y


6) Willa

Cute Willa the keeshond loves autumn leaves! – Submitted by Donna


7) Padme

The wood is chopped and ready for a bonfire, the pumpkins are hollowed out for pies… Padme the pug is ready for Thanksgiving! – Submitted by Beth


8) Mike

Mike the Chow Mix thinks Thanksgiving is the perfect time for playing in pumpkin patches! – Submitted by Katie L


9) Daisie

Another autumn classic right before Thanksgiving: apple picking! Daisie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves helping out in her orchard. We hope she picks some great apples for a Thanksgiving apple pie! – Submitted by Diane


10) Maggie Marie

This is Miss Maggie the Bichon / Shi Tzu mix wearing her special Thanksgiving outfit! – Submitted by Linda M


11) Scout

What could be better after a brisk autumn walk in the leaves than a delicious Thanksgiving dinner? Scout is looking forward to it! – Submitted by Kelsey


Splash! Water Dogs

These pups love the water! Maybe they were dogfish in a past life.

Photographs submitted by participants in Modern Dog's Photocontest. – ERM


1) Link

Link the Lab/Pittbull mix sure looks like he is living an active lifestyle! Pictured here jumping into a lake at Fort Hood, Texas. Link submitted by James and Berthie R.


2) Lentil

This beautiful Greyhound from Liverpool in the UK is getting some help from her friend to look over the railing at the water! We're also loving Lentil's collar. Lentil submitted by Hannah.


3) Pepper

This Australian Cattle Dog is taking advantage of living in the Pacific Northwest by posing by the beautiful waters off Vancouver's Stanley Park. Pepper submitted by Grant and Jo M.


4) Kalli

This is an awesome action shot of Kalli, a rescue Lurcher, splashing around and playing fetch. It's so cool to see the reflections of both Kalli and her tennis ball in the water! Kalli submitted by Chantal M.


5) Jax

The aquamarine waters of the pool sure bring's out this handsome pitbull's eyes! Jax submitted by John.


6) Maxwell

This cute English settler is having an awesome time getting muddy by the lake! Maxwell submitted by Sean R.


7) Duque

Duque, the sporty pit bull, loves swimming even more than he loves to run! Duque submitted by Jamie.


8) Jack

Handsome Jack is on a fishing trip with his mom! Jack submitted by Jean.


9) "Hot Rod" Susie

Susie, or "Hot Rod" the labrador retriever, sprints along the riverside. Susie submitted by Joshua C.


10) Noel

Noel joins his dad in paddling out at Lake Horicon in NJ. Noel submitted by Karl J.


11) Moose

Awesome action shot! According to his owner, this photo captures Moose's free nature and desire to run wild. – Moose submitted by Tabitha


12) Mojo

The friendship between man and dog represented in one playful pic! Mojo the pitbull loves water and swimming! – Mojo submitted by Chris H


13) Chewie

Those eyes are so precious! Chewie lives in tropical Australia and stopped by the creek for a refreshing break! – Chewie submitted by Jaquelyn


14) Riley

Riley's looking groovy in those shades! Enjoying summer at the lake. – Riley submitted by Christine M


15) Chloe

Chloe the German Shepherd/Lab cross enjoying the first of many summer swims! – Chloe submitted by Kristi R


16) Tucker

Tucker the goldendoodle looks forward to hot weather so he can go swimming! – Tucker submitted by Heather T


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