Fluffy Paws Pets Will Help Keep Your Pup Warm

As pet parents, our pets are a large part of our lives. Although they do not remain with us forever, it is our duty to provide them with the best love and care possible.

Fluffy Paws is a new start-up pet supply company based in Southern California. Founded by a group of pet lovers, they source products that enhance the comfort of pets. Currently their catalogue includes their signature fluffy paws pet warmer, pet bedding, and a newly launched pet toy collection.

One of Fluffy Paws’ best-selling products is the Fluffy Paws Pet Warmer. It is a uniquely designed electric heating pad that keeps a constant and even temperature on all sides, to provide comfort for all pets. With a non-skid bottom material, the pet warmer is sure to stay in place without slipping and sliding around while in use. Extra preventative safety measures include a chew resistant power cord wrapped in a thick plastic enclosure for even the toughest chewers, and a removable, washable safety cover for added comfort and hygiene.

Heating evenly throughout the heating pad with two different heat levels (82°F and 110°F), cats, dogs, bunnies, and all furry friends are sure to love it! In addition, the warmer is energy efficient by utilizing an automatic thermostat that cycles on and off.

It can be used under any pet bed for extra warmth during the cooler nights, or left on the floor as an alternative sleeping spot for the furry friends who love to cuddle up in the warm cramped spaces at the foot of your bed.

With three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and three different patterned fleece covers to choose from, the options are plentiful for a stylish addition to your pets bedding collection no matter what size!  

For more information on where to purchase Fluffy Paws products, visit www.fluffypawspets.com.


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