Isn’t It A Pitty?

Though often used as a breed descriptor, “Pit Bull” is not, in fact, a recognized breed. Rather, it’s a catch-all for “bully breed” types of dogs, often mixes, known for their trademark broad heads, stocky and muscular build, and wide smiles. Sadly, the name “Pit Bull” often conjures negative associations, even though these dogs are, by and large, extremely people-friendly. Get to know these four pedigreed breeds often lumped together as Pit Bulls.


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Cane Corso:
Intelligent, Intensely Loyal, Eager to Please

100+ pounds


Fearless protector


Trainable (but can be assertive and willful)


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Staffordshire Bull Terrier:
Clever, Brave, Family-oriented

24 – 38 pounds



Patient with children

Devoted to family


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Dogo Argentino:
Loyal, Courageous, Athletic

80 – 100 pounds

Powerful: Developed to chase
and catch dangerous game

High energy

Very trainable

Affectionate with family

Tip: The Dogo Argentino is instantly identifiable by his short, complete white coat.


Photo monika avonadoh/

American Staffordshire Terrier:
Good-natured, Confident, Highly Trainable

40 – 70 pounds




Extremely affectionate with family


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