The Star-Spangled Banner

Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light! These pups are showing off their stars and stripes today in honour of the United States of America! – ERM


1) Ambassador Lady Stone

Lady is an elected official in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Really! Rabbit Hash is known for its canine mayors. Way to represent America, Ambassador Lady! – Submitted by Rob S


2) AnnaBella

Born in Queens, New York and raised on Long Island, AnnaBella is a very patriotic English Bull Terrier. – Submitted by Katie


3) Winston

Winston the English bulldog was born a few hours before the Fourth of July. He loves lounging in his patriotic chair and eating scraps at Fourth of July barbeques. – Submitted by Mike C


4) Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell the Great Dane gets her American flag out and to get into the spirit of the Fourth of July! – Submitted by Karoline


5) Scout Gunner

Handsome Scout gets out his stars and stripes for the big day. – Submitted by Jason


6) Archer

Archer the rescue beagle/terrier cross has found his true colours: red, white, and blue! – Submitted by Melissa


7) Cookie

Cookie the Border Collie goes all out for the Fourth of July celebrations! – Submitted by Debbie B


8) Harley

Harley the Goldendoodle is totally ready for the big day! Let's hope he's not scared of fireworks! – Submitted by Jason and Alyssa


9) Mr America

Mr America is an acting and dancing canine! Here he sports an extremely appropriate star-spangled outfit that matches his name and shows support for the Fourth of July! – Submitted by Morgan A


10) Poppy and Shelby

Golden Retrievers Poppy and Shelby have chosen the perfect lounging spot to watch their Fourth of July barbeque! We hope you guys get some nice burger scraps! – Submitted by Halley


11) Rusty

At the time of taking this photo on the Fourth of July, Rusty the little Yorkie held on to this flag for hours! His mom hopes this photo will bring a smile to all Americans on this special day! – Submitted by Diana


12) Buddy

Buddy goes out on a boat ride, proud to wave the American flag behind him! – Submitted by Katie & Jim


13) Shiloh

Shiloh the Siberian Husky and patriot helped herself to a flag that was planted in the ground. – Submitted by Irene J


14) Buttons

Hmm, I wonder what country Buttons is from? Happy Fourth of July to this little Yorkie! – Submitted by Linda E


15) Ted and Maggie

Two dogs, twice the spirit! – Submitted by Leslie C


16) Matrix and Jarvis

Matrix and Jarvis are sure to represent Captain America's shield in their superhero photo op! – Submitted by Jaclyn G and Briana G 

Patriotic Dogs

Bob Blue Manganelli









Jersey Girl


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