The New Happy Kids-Happy Pets App

The mission of Happy Kids-Happy Pets™ is to speak up for the animals who can’t speak up for themselves. Think about how bright the future would be if children were taught to be compassionate to themselves, others, and their animal friends!

Happy Kids-Happy Pets™ is an app geared toward elementary-age children and animal lovers of all ages. The new app teaches children, through fun readings and furry pets, about our five categories: Life Lessons, Dealing with Bullies, Caring For Your Dog, Learning about Cats, and Learning about Characteristics of Dogs.

The app has 275 photographs of dogs and cats, and 275 stories “written” by pets, read by kids, including thought-provoking questions and sound effects galore! Children relate well to animals and won’t feel as if they are being “lectured to”.

Here are some questions the “pets” have asked which can lead to endless family discussions:

  • Do you treat your pets the way you want to be treated?
  • Have you heard of spaying and neutering and pet over-population?
  • Did you know not to ever leave your pet locked in a car or tied to a tree?
  • Why is it important to get the right pet for your family
  • What do you think about some people being mean to animals?

Animal’s lives depend on humans. When children are taught early in life that animals are worthy of kindness and respect, they grow into adulthood knowing that no living being deserves to be treated unkindly or with cruelty.

“Treat ALL people and ALL animals exactly how you want to be treated.”

App Now Available! Download 15 stories for free! Visit, 50% of profits will be used to promote humane treatment of animals, and spay/neuter.


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