How to Calm an Anxious Dog: CBD Oil for Anxiety

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Anxiety can be one of the hardest things to deal with as a dog, and it can make it difficult to get through things like car rides, storms, and even just being alone. No dog or pet parent should have to deal with this kind of stress or worry in a day. CBD is one of the best options to calm an anxious dog! CBD is also commonly referred to as hemp oil for dogs and full spectrum hemp oil for dogs. In this article I will be covering information about anxiety, CBD, and how to calm your anxious canine by utilizing CBD oil for anxiety in dogs. 

Anxiety in dogs

A Dog suffering from anxiety is chewing a lot, it may need CBD.Anxiety can come in many shapes and sizes and is a natural emotion to deal with in both dogs and humans, but this does not mean we need to experience anxiety on an ongoing basis. There are many forms of anxiety, and even more ways to treat this anxiety based on the needs of your dog. Some of the things that trigger anxiety in dogs include thunderstorms, fireworks, strangers, a new home, loss of a loved one, car rides, being home alone, large crowds, and even mirrors. 

All dogs are different and this means each one has their own likes and dislikes, including what causes them anxiety. There are common ones that I have already listed but this does not mean your pooch isn't anxious about something else. Some dogs are even afraid of little kids, which makes halloween a nightmare. 

A more serious form of anxiety is referred to as separation anxiety and can lead to some destructive behaviors in your dog. Separation anxiety forms from a fear of their companion leaving them and not returning. This can lead to behaviors like chewing, barking, escaping, and aggression all while you are away and unable to prevent them.

Luckily there are some symptoms of anxiety that we can observe through a dog’s behaviors. Some of the common signs include scratching at doors, licking of the lips, increased grooming, whining, panting, shaking, pacing, and uncontrolled urination. It is important to keep track of your dog's behavioral patterns during high stress times like storms or before you leave the house to make sure they are not feeling any kind of anxiety. This is an important step in calming an anxious dog.  

CBD oil for dogs

A Dog loving life because they are getting the benefits of CBD oil for dogs


CBD is increasing in popularity by the day, but what is it? 

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from the hemp plant that is referred to as a cannabinoid. There are other cannabinoids but CBD is special due to the medical benefits it holds. Some of these benefits include helping reduce arthritis, reducing pain and inflammation, reducing the severity and susceptibility of seizures, reducing anxiety, helping with blood disorders, and even being able to reduce the growth of bad cancer cells. 

Many of the benefits of CBD are also seen in medical marijuana and this is because marijuana contains this CBD compound. But unlike marijuana, CBD contains no THC which is what gives you a ‘high’. This is why CBD oil for anxiety is an amazing breakthrough for dogs!

CBD can help keep a dog calm in stressful situations

THC can be toxic to dogs in extreme amounts, but because CBD is non-psychoactive and contains less than .03% THC it is harmless to dogs. Now dogs can get some of the amazing benefits of medical marijuana without risking safety. This has led to a better quality of life for many dogs, especially older pooches. 

CBD interacts with the body through what is called the endocannabinoid system, which is a nervous system that every mammal is believed to have. CBD connects to receptors found in the endocannabinoid system and travel throughout the body helping wherever need be, including parts of the body like the brain, spine, and heart.

Now that I have covered what CBD is, let's look at how CBD actually works to reduce anxiety in dogs. 

How to calm your anxious dog utilizing CBD oil for anxiety

A dog has a nice nap after becoming calm due to CBD oil for dogs

Anxiety is caused by some sort of fear or worry, and when you introduce CBD into the body it immediately goes to work trying to help minimize these emotions. The way it does this is through chemical reactions in the brain.

Serotonin is a chemical that the brain releases when in a state of comfort or calming. It is often present during events like hugging, cuddling, and relaxing in a blanket. All of these activities sound amazing because serotonin makes you feel good in these situations. Dogs also release this chemical into their body during comforting moments of being pet, held, and even fed. 

When CBD for anxiety is introduced to the body the endocannabinoid receptors take this compound and deliver it to the brain. The brain then takes this and makes serotonin through a process that goes way over my head so I won't try to explain it. When this serotonin enters your dog’s system they then begin to stabilize and calm any anxiety that may be present.

Finding out how to calm an anxious dog is hard, and although CBD is an amazing compound and aids many dogs on a daily basis, it may not be the correct action for every dog. There are ways to reverse train your dog to not be afraid or anxious of certain items or situations. Our pick for the best full spectrum hemp oil CBD product for pets is Natural Doggie CBD Infused Coconut oil. The reason that we recommend it is because it is not only great for reducing inflammation and relieving anxiety, dogs can’t get enough of it!

CBD can help these two dogs stay calm together

A little bit on top of their food works best, but you can also just feed them a spoonful since the coconut oil is pure and unrefined, meaning it is not in a liquid form unless it is warmed. Visit for more awesome products. 

If CBD for anxiety in dogs is a route you are considering, start a conversation with your vet as with anything involving your dog's diet. CBD for dogs anxiety is becoming popular for a reason, it works. Find out yourself and introduce it to your dog's diet. Most people see the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil very rapidly. Since it can’t harm your dog there is nothing to lose by giving it a try, especially if they have any digestive problems or inflammation.     


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