Tips and Tools for an At-Home Pawdicure

While nail trimming can be a daunting task, healthy nails is a vital part to maintaining your favourite furry friends’ health. The key to having a positive nail trimming experience for both you and your pet is by making sure you have the best tool for the job. CONAIRPRO dog & cat walks you through the tips and tools for keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, polished and healthy. 

When it comes down to choosing your nail-trimming tool, it all depends on preference. The overall goal is to safely trim his nails, while avoiding hitting the nail quick (the tender, flesh portion of the nail), which can be painful if cut. Nail clippers are typically the more inexpensive option and allow for a speedy trimming. However, there is also greater risk of accidentally clipping too close to the nail quick. A nail grinder is a great alternative to a nail clipper as it provides added safety and allows for a more gradual trimming by grinding, rather than clipping, the nail.

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the Nail Clipper features a built-in safety guard to help prevent you from clipping the nail quick. Its ergonomic handles allow you to have a firm grasp while in the process of clipping. If your pet tends to wiggle around, you’ll want to have a firm grasp on those clippers! Pet parents – a great way to get your pet accustomed to the trimming process is by getting him used to having his paws touched, as well as allowing him to get used to seeing and smelling the nail clipper before you move on to clipping.

As an alternative trimming option, you can gradually trim down his nails with the Professional Corded Nail Grinder. One of the most important features in a nail grinder is a quiet motor. This is a crucial feature to help keep your furball more at ease and simplify the trimming process. Designed with an adjustable safety guard cover, this nail grinder features an added safety measure to prevent any hair from getting caught in the grinder. If this is your pet’s first exposure to a nail grinder, it’s important to make sure they are familiar with the tool before use. We recommend leaving the tool out for a few days, allowing them to smell and hear the sound and then move on to clipping a few nails at a time.

Congratulations! You have completed your first at-home pawdicure – now what? You get ready to trim his nails again in a few weeks! If the trimming process was a struggle, not to worry, with exposure and loving practice both you and your pet will feel more comfortable with the experience. All it takes is the right tools and a little love, patience and practice.

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