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Samson was our beautiful German Shepherd who passed away shortly before Christmas in 2014 at the age of seven from cancer. We are dedicated to honoring his name by providing safe, high quality, unique, and fun products for our pet-loving customers, and by giving back to the pet-loving community. 

Life for Samson began in a horrid puppy mill in Oklahoma. He spent the first three months of his life in a small and dirty cage. Having eaten a combination of kibble and his own feces, Samson was suffering from Coccidia and Giardia when we took possession of him. My wife and I, and our four young children welcomed him into our home with great love and caring. Samson was our first family dog. 

As Samson grew up with us and matured, his protective instincts began to appear. Every night while our children were sleeping, my wife and I would hear him walking on the hallway wood floors and enter into their bedrooms to check on them. He wanted to make sure our children were safe. This was an amazing thing to experience. He loved spending summers at our family's lake house in Connecticut swimming with our children, eagerly chasing them off the dock, dutifully digging holes in the lakeside beach sand, and relaxing in the shade under his favorite oak tree. Having lived for only seven years, Samson filled our family's hearts with wonderful memories that will last forever. He was a great dog and family member. It was two years ago this past December that we lost Samson to cancer. We miss him dearly. 

Like all pet owners, the loss of a beloved dog, cat, bird, to name a few, impacts a family greatly. There's a deep emotional pain that never goes away. So we formed The Samson Pet Group using that pain to honor his name by doing something about the challenges that impact these innocent creatures. 

We were greatly blessed as a family to have had the help to find that neglected pup in Oklahoma and to have been able to give Samson a loving home. We greatly admire all pet lovers around the world who tirelessly rescue and adopt animals in need. They do great work and we thank them all for giving their Samson a loving home. 


The initial spark for the idea for our inaugural line of dog toys was inspired long ago by our grandfather, Bill. He would always say, "When I die, I want to come back as a dog to find out what's so attractive about their backsides!"

As dog owners and purchasers of countless dog toys over the years, my wife and I have come across a multitude of toys scented like bacon, cheese, hamburgers, chicken, salmon, and other delectable food items. They seem all well and good to dogs, and even appealing to our own human senses, but we felt something was missing. Why not scent a dog toy with a smell that is natural and inherent to a dog? Seemed obvious to us at least. Why not scent a dog toy with a smell that comes from the most popular anatomical location known to all dogkind? Why not scent a dog toy that smells like a dog's butt? 

So one day we decided to make a dog toy scented like a dog's butt. But how? It started with understanding what's so attractive and special about a dog's butt. It turnes out, a dog's butt is very special. New York Times bestselling author, Alexandra Horowitz writes in her new book, Being a Dog, "At either side of the anus – 'at four and eight o'clock,' one writer helpfully guides the clock-readers among us – are anal sacs producing a strong odor of dog." She continues, "A sniff of another dog reveals who he is, but also information that only the more undignified gaze would catch as it falls. Dogs do not glance under the belly to see if the new dog is male or female. They smell male or female. Moreover, they may smell ready to mate, or being recently ill, or of having recently eaten. They smell their age: age is but a metabolic process, chemistry. And chemistry smells. Dogs smell of having had a bath or not having had one; they smell of having recently peed or very much having to pee. They smell of themselves, their status, and likely, whether they are scared or happy or anxious." As you can see, a dog's butt is a comprehensive information center. 

Our research identified the organic compounds that come from a dog's anal sacs that produce that strong scent of a dog. From there we replicated synthetic versions of these organic compounds. Each of our unique dog toys contain an amount that is safe for dogs of any weight, an amount only a dog can detect, and an amount a dog owner can appreciate. 

We introduced our patent pending CANINE COOLEYS™ and MUTT BUTTS® dog toys to the market in November 2016. These flattie, high quality, handmade, stuffed, squeaker-free dog toys have a heavy duty ripstop polyester fabric body and finished with a triple-stitched, durable nylon binding edge. They're available in the U.S. and Canada from our online store for $14.95 at We're also very excited to introduce our new COOLEY COMPANIONS™ and BUTT BUDDIES™ dog toys. Based on our super popular CANINE COOLEYS™ and MUTT BUTTS® dog toys, they're designed for the small pure-bred and mixed breed adults and puppies. They're also available in the U.S. and Canada from our online store for $9.95 at

The word is spreading quickly among our passionate, dog-loving customers across the United States and Canada. Dogs of every breed and their owners are choosing our dog toys because they're fun and long-lasting. Even among those Olympian chewers who normally destroy their stuffed toys inmere moments, our toys are lasting weeks and months! It is one of our goals at The Samson Pet Group to make our dog toys EVERY DOG'S DESIRE®!

Not only is The Samson Pet Group dedicated to developing unique pet products never before seen, we will be taking the same approach when it comes to the formation of our charitable giving. As we grow, it is our desire, for starters, to give a percentage of all purchases to various animal welfare organizations and causes close to our hearts and our customer's. One such cause we're working on is the formation of The Samson Canine Cancer Research Foundation. 




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