Ayurveda for Dogs

Ayurveda, for the unfamiliar, is an ancient system of holistic medicine. It has roots in the Indian subcontinent going back as far as 6000 BC and is based on the theory that health is defined as a balance between three fundamental mind-body types, or doshas. The three doshas—Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth)—govern all functions of the mind, body, and spirit.

Health is achieved through maintaining balance between the three. While many people are Ayurveda practitioners, following an Ayurvedic diet with appropriate foods determined by their particular dosha, Ayurveda for dogs is new territory for most—though not for dog owner Hetal Sheth. Hetal adopted two dogs that suffered from allergies and severe GI issues and, after many unsuccessful approaches to improving their health, decided to try Ayurveda. She found that the daily holistic routine helped vastly improve vitality and wellbeing in her dogs by catering to their unique needs. Impressed by the results, Hetal embarked on a mission to raise awareness and develop a system that would allow Ayurveda to be accessible to other pet parents. This mission became Curry n Pepper, an Ayurveda-based dog company named for two of her pups. 

Curry n Pepper offers plant-based food, treats, and grooming products that are best suited to each dosha. They even have an online quiz that will tell you your dog's individual dosha so you can create a custom Ayurvedic routine just for them. Take the quiz to determine your dog's dosha (find it here) plus shop dosha-appropriate treats—like Turmeric Coconut Chips if your dog is predominantly Vata—for your dog!

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