Having a dog with mobility issues can be a stressful experience, for both human and pooch. The GingerLead is a progressive solution to help aid some of these struggles! The GingerLead is a dog support harness and lifting aid that can be used to assit your senior, disabled or recovering dog. The sling harnesses can be ordered to fit giant breeds to toy breeds, male or female dogs and are height adjustable. The GingerLead is great for helping out with balance as well as gently assisting your dog up and down stairs. If your dog is coping with a knee, hip, or back issue visit the GingerLead website to see a video demonstration of the product in action! – KE

Cody and Bella Adjustable Ombré Leash

cody bella

Cody and Bella's gorgeous handcrafted leashes—made in Brooklyn, NY so you know they're the pinnacle of cool—are made using tried and tested nautical techniques. Hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull with the ends then "whipped" (an old nautical term) for additional durability. Made strong and beautiful so you can use them for years to come!

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