Budget Buys

Do you sometime feel like you're not really getting into the fur when you wash your dog? This cute little scrubber has truly changed bath time for the better! The ScrubBuster brush from Dexas combines soft (yet effective) silicone bristles, a shampoo reservoir, and dispensing button to both streamline the whole soggy process and give your dirty dog a thorough cleaning. $13, Store.Dexas.com


Got a picky pup on your hands? Added to your dog’s regular dinner, this delicious, healthy, and nutrient-dense bone broth from Primal Pet Foods will tempt even the most persnickety of pups. The added moisture and nutrients have many benefits, including joint health and liver support. $10, PrimalPetFoods.com

Ever feel so overwhelmed by pet fur, dander, and lint that you want to send out an SOS? Lilly Brush is here to help with the Save Our Sweaters brush. The specially designed nylon bristles remove pills, lint, and pet hair with no danger of snags. $13, LillyBrush.com

Gently cleanse your dog’s coat while adding moisture and shine! The rich and luxurious Wild Ginger Shampoo and Shine Spray from John Paul Pet are paraben and EDTA-free and designed to cleanse and moisture dull, dry coats, leaving shine and a clean, light, and refreshing scent. $12, JohnPaulPet.com

From $20 For dogs that experience stress and anxiety in situations like travel, vet visits, thunderstorms, and even changes in the home environment, ThunderEase is a Godsend. Available in a diffuser, spray or collar, ThunderEase replicates a mother-dog’s natural maternal pheromones for a drug-free way to help your dog feel calmer, safer, and less stressed! From $20, Thundershirt.com

From $10 If you’re heading out for a day of adventure don’t forget to pack pup some snacks! Bacon Jerky treats from PureBites are a perfect trail snack—high in protein and flavour, they’ll keep your dog fuelled up and ready to go! PureBites.com

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