The Odd Couple

Romeo and Casper, two perfect balls of white fluff, have become an inseparable, if unusual, duo. Casper the Samoyed’s smiling countenance is delightfully countered by the grouchy visage of his unlikely bestie, Romeo, a flat-faced Himalayan Persian, a juxtaposition that has catapulted the duo to internet stardom.

It helps that their pet parent, Rinsa Li, is a professional photographer, capturing the adorable duo gallivanting together from their home in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Six-year-old Casper is the original family pet with a sweet and talkative demeanour. But Li had dreams of owning a cat and wondered how Casper would react to a feline friend. After an experimental encounter with a friend’s cat, Li decided to make a move to find the cat of their dreams.

The pair were introduced slowly and with intention. First, they were separated for a week and introduced to each other only by smell. Romeo was very curious but nervous about Casper, who seemed eager to bridge the gap to a full-fledged friendship right away. Over time, Romeo’s nerves dissipated and the two became joined at the hip.

Don’t let Romeo’s grumpy façade fool you. Belying his sourpuss face, Romeo is actually quite the cuddle buddy and attention-seeker, and his love for Casper is unrivalled. He follows Casper around and loves to pose for photographs with his brother. After all, at only three years old, he spent the formative years of his life getting to know and love his big bro.

Whether they’re napping on the couch together or headed out on an epic road trip, their fans are equally delighted. Though they travel every couple of weeks to picturesque locations, hanging out at home seems just as fun—just take a look at their super-cute Instagram posts. One thing is certain—their charm is undeniable, as evidenced by their 45,000 Instagram followers, YouTube channel, and international news coverage, including People and The Daily Mail.

Perhaps we can learn a thing or two about friendship while watching Casper and Romeo, who appear so opposite but share such a strong bond. At the very least, we can find some joy in watching them together! Follow them at @casperandromeo.

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