Easy Thanksgiving Treats For Your Dog

When roving noses make their way into your lap during dinner, it can be easy to give in and slip pets a scrap or two from the table. But feasting on rich, fatty foods can knock the stuffing out of Fido and Fluffy, not to mention your wallet if it necessitates an emergency vet visit! Pancreatitis and food poisoning are common conundrums when pets eat from your plate. Take a page out of Petplan’s (veterinarian-approved!) cookbook and make a few Turkey Day treats fit for Fido. Everything can be created with ingredients already on hand, and unlike table food handouts, they’re safe to offer pets.

Before you balk, don’t worry — you won’t need to buy complicated ingredients or cram in more prep between basting, whipping, and chopping. The recipes below include items you already have on paw and most can be made alongside your main meal.

Petplan’s veterinarians carefully concocted each recipe so pet parents can rest assured they’re offering a safe alternative to table handouts. That way furry friends can be included in the festivities — after all, they have a lot to be thankful for, too. Let's get cooking! After all, we have a lot to be thankful for and topping our list is our dogs! 


When it comes to pets and table food, you know to keep paws off the chocolate — but what about carrots, or sweet potato casserole? We’ve sniffed out the best and worst foods for your furry friend’s Thanksgiving feast.


And remember, don’t dish out foods high in fat, sugar, butter or seasoning – keep it simple to avoid upset stomachs! Happy thanksgiving everyone!


Click here to read about the do's and don'ts of sharing food with your pooch!



Thanksgiving Dogs

Maestro is thankful for his bongos

Poppy is thankful for stopping to smell the roses… or poppies

Chachi is thankful for the good life

Oliver Tyrion is thankful for his impeccable sense of fashion

Jayda is thankful for autumn leaves

Roxie is thankful for sharing time

Max is thankful for coffee (just kidding, coffee is bad for dogs)

Taylor is thankful for afternoon naps

Finnick is thankful for the feeling of grass beneath his paws

Jesse is thankful for her squishy squeeze toys

Bruiser is thankful for Bruiser-sized tea cups

Harley is thankful for watermelon *om nom nom nom*

Nickson is thankful for his clique (insert Kanye West ft. Big Sean & Jay Z – Clique song here)

Maska is thankful for accessories that match his fur

Nelly is thankful for art

Troy is thankful for his hooman brother

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