The Horror of Humiliation on Halloween

Oh, the torture and humiliation that comes with being my dog. As I do every year, last night I made the dogs dress up in hilariously adorable Halloween costumes we picked up from Petsmart for our amusement. I think I outdid myself this year, these costumes perfectly captured Roxy and Cash's unique personalities!

Roxy was a pink ballerina hippo, which was fitting because she was practically bursting out of her tutu. She was super cheezed about being put in such an ill-fitting costume, she absolutely refused to look at me! Total prima donna.

Cash was a grouchy garden gnome. Look at how grumpy he was sporting his white beard and pointy hat! I can picture him guarding the hydrangeas in my front yard with crossed arms and scowly face. He kept trying to shake the hat off which made picture taking particularly difficult.

For safety's sake (and in consideration of the dogs' pride) we opted not to take them outside. Instead they remained by the fire while we took care of candy distribution duty. Once we'd gotten our fill of making them look silly, we took the costumes off so the dogs could hunker down for bedtime. Afterall, it's a big day as Blackie Chan will be coming home tonight! Lord knows these dogs are going to need their rest in preparation for the hijinks of a spry and outlandish kitten. Wish us luck!

Green Skeleton Dinosaur Dog Costume

Green Skeleton Dinosaur Dog Costume

Need costume ideas for the Halloween season that's fast approaching? This adorable one-peice, Green Skeleton Dinosaur Costume, is sure to grab the attention of all the other dogs down the block! It is a pull-over design and includes a hooded spiked back. It is machine washable too, just in case your little one likes to roll around in the dirt!

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