Galison Gifts for Animal Lovers

Galison Gifts for Animal Lovers

Want some inspiration for the perfect gift for an animal lover in your life? Tak a look at Galison and their adorable, artsy pet-themed gift items. Gailson offers journals, notebooks, porcelain trays (like the one pictured above), thank you cards, magnetic bookmarks, tea towels and more! We love how stylish and chic they are while still fun and whimsical. And there are no rules against buying gifts for yourself as well 😉 This 1000 piece puzzle (pictured below) could be a great way to treat your friends, your family or yourself! – KE

Shaggy Chic Offers Howl-y, Jolly Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Pet lovers, as well as gift givers looking for unique holiday gifts, can put their paws in the air and celebrate that there are fun holiday tees this howl-iday season. Purr-fect as a wrapped gift under the tree or a stocking stuffer, Shaggy Chic Apparel offers tees that have a touch of modern sass and spunk that cannot be purchased at department retailers including two new fan favorites for the holidays…the Yule Dog and Purr Rum Pum Pum Pum cat t-shirts. 

Want to make your gift pawsitively purr-fect and fun? Shaggy Chic also offers free gift wrapping upon request during online checkout. Packages are wrapped in high-quality, animal-themed paper prior to being securely packaged for shipping. 

In addition to individual tees, Shaggy Chic Apparel offers a T-shirt-of-the-month Club.  Each month, subscribers will receive a new tee that has not been sold to the public as of yet. There are two plans: a six-month subscription, which is $125 (including shipping within the United States); and a twelve-month subscription, which is $215 (including shipping within the United States).

With a portion of sales benefiting Don’t Forget to Feed Me, a non-profit pet food pantry, the comfy, tees are priced at $24.95 for women’s and adult unisex shirts, while youth sizes are priced at $18.72.

Shaggy Chic is thrilled to partner with Don’t Forget to Feed Me, whose mission is to supply pet food to local food pantries in support of pet owners. By providing pet food for those in need during challenging financial times, they offer an option to surrendering – or worse, abandoning – a family pet. Don’t Forget to Feed Me helps to ensure that no pet owner ever has to make the decision between stay…or go. For more information on this amazing non-profit, visit

To order one-of-a-kind shirts, visit

DIY Craft – Mason Jar Magic

Custom Jar Labels

Click here to download the Custom Treat Jar Label Template

Homemade treats in a Mason jar adorned with a personalized label make a quick, thoughtful, and easy gift idea. Or label jars of treats for your own dogs and jazz up your countertops with this cute DIY!

STEP 1 Download our custom treat jar label template here. Print your labels onto a full-page self-adhesive sticker/mailing label sheet (available at office supply stores), then hand-letter your desired text, such as the recipient dog’s name or the kind of treat.

STEP 2 Cut out the label and affix to the treat jar or treat jar lid.

STEP 3 Fill jar with treats.

Treats to try

The inexpensive, easy, and delicious Baconator Dog Treats. Get the recipe at

Or the single-ingredient winner, Sweet Potato Dog Chews. Get the recipe at


Cute Lid Toppers

Take it to the next level with a canine-figure-adorned lid. The charmingness of the end result belies how easy this project actually is.


• Plastic dog figurines. These generally come in a bag or tube of assorted breeds. You can sometimes find them at the dollar store. We got ours (Animal Planet’s Tube of Dogs) at Toys ‘R’ Us for $6.

• Spray paint or craft paint such as Martha Stewart’s craft paint in assorted colours. Metallics, neons, and pastels are all great options.

• Super glue or a glue gun and glue sticks


STEP 1 Lay out some newspaper and give your figurines a coat of paint in your desired colour(s). Let dry. Figurines may need a second coat. 

STEP 2 Once fully coated in paint and dry, get out your jar lids and glue. Apply a tiny bit of glue to the feet of the dog figurine and position the figurine on the center of your jar lid. Allow to dry and you’re all done! Super-cuteness in just a few easy steps!

Tip Have dogs with allergies? Keep your dogs’ treats separated and labeled so you know what is for whom at a glance—especially ideal if you have multiple dogs and a dog walker!

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