Meet Henry, The Queen’s Corgi

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Sorry, I…

Okay, better. Hello. My name is Henry and I am a Welsh corgi. Please excuse my attempt at typing just now. I had ordered a dog-friendly keyboard which I was told would be easy to use, but setup proved to be a nightmare of cords and wires, and I don’t have any thumbs.

The dog-keyboard people are in for a withering Amazon review.

My name, again, is Henry, and I am simply delighted to make your acquaintance. I was lucky enough to be the subject recently of a new novel (based on my life) called Henry: The Queen’s Corgi. A friend suggested that I use some dog puns to try to sell it to you lovely people, along the lines of “A perfect gift fur the holidays!” I told this friend that these puns were beneath me. They’re beneath you, dear reader.

They’re beneath all of us.

What I can do is tell you what a fun read the book is. In it, my family takes me for a day trip to London, where I become separated from them at Buckingham Palace. Ordinarily this would be a scary occurrence for any dog, but as luck would have it, a certain occupant of Buckingham Palace is an owner and enthusiast of corgis. Before long, your humble guest blogger is swept into a royal retinue and given treatment straight out of The Prince and the Pupper.

I’m…I’m sorry. I said I wouldn’t pun and I just did. It won’t happen again.

Once ensconced in the palace, hijinks ensue and good times are had. Lessons are learned and morals imparted. To say that this is a perfect gift FOR (not fur) any dog lover during the holidays is an understatement. This is a book that you will curl up into your favorite chair with – hot chocolate in hand, favorite dog at your feet. The weather outside may get frightful, but you will most assuredly feel quite delightful.

I thank you for your time. As I sit here at my desk, staring out at the yard, I feel blessed to have lived this book, and hope that you enjoy it. I do believe that I see a squirrel, so I leave you now to go bark at it.

– By Georgie Crawley

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