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Encourage interactive play and keep your dog engaged with these durable, Oeko-Tex certified Polartec Polar Fleece rope and tug toys from Knots of Fun. $17,


This adorable tie-on Sarape Beach Blanket Dog Bandana from Mimi Green brings the beach vibes! Made to last with a double layer of extra thick velveteen, it’s also easy to wash. $22,


The durable Eco-Quacker from Honest Pet Products plays as hard as your dog does! Available in three sizes, this hemp canvas duck toy is stuffed with organic wool, features a chirping bird noisemaker, and is machine washable. $25,


Enjoy cycling with your dog! The Bike Tow Leash is a durable bike attachment available for dogs of all sizes that keeps both you and your dog stable and safe while cycling. A must for dogs that like to run. $146,


The Dexas Adjustable Height Double Elevated Feeder can collapse flat, making it the perfect portable feeding and drinking solution for any dog! Using the elevated bowls removes joint stress, improves digestion, and promotes healthy eating habits. $55, or


Road Trip! The MuTTravel Seat Belt Clip from Muttluks is designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. The easy-to-use clip can be attached to any harness and moves with the seat belt, keeping your dog safe while still allowing your dog to sit, stand or nap while travelling. $25

How to Exercise a High-Energy Dog (without jogging or long trips to the dog park)

Do you have a high energy dog that seems to go, go, go, and never run out of energy?

Do you try to give him a walk a few times a week but he’s pretty much screaming at you the whole time: “More! More! More!” while straining forward on the leash?

You could always jog with him but you’ve probably ruled that out because, well… jogging.

BUT you know he craves and needs it.

Well before you resign yourself to being a bad pet owner who hinders his dog’s health and well-being, we’ve got a solution: 

It’s called LeashBuddy and it’s a dog leash that attaches to your bike.


We know what you’re thinking – heck, we were skeptical too, but this thing actually works!

First off, you’re probably wondering: IS THIS EVEN SAFE?

Rest assured, after months of testing it absolutely is and dogs love it!

In fact, a leisurely bike ride is about 8 mph which is the perfect speed to have him easily trot alongside your bike.

At this speed many dogs are even pulling forward wanting to go faster!

Obviously, every dog has a different pace but that’s the beauty of this – you can easily go slower or faster and they’ll get the perfect amount of exercise.

The next obvious question is: What happens if my dog bolts after a squirrel?



Safety is paramount with any biking activity but especially one that involves your dog. Thankfully the inventors clearly thought about this too.

The LeashBuddy has an integrated spring that acts like a big doggie shock absorber.

If your dog suddenly darts, the pole deflects just enough so the sudden movement doesn’t get transferred back to the bike.

It also has a flex-leash to handle smaller tugs and pulls and keeps the dog going the same direction as the bike.


Because it’s built of stainless steel, it will never rust and is strong enough to handle the largest dogs.

Also, the pole can quickly be mounted to either side of your bike making it easy to switch the side he’s on.



LeashBuddy is designed for dogs 10 lbs and up so Springer Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Labs, Boxers and more are all perfect candidates for the LeashBuddy.

If you’ve got a dog with a seemingly endless amount of energy, LeashBuddy could be the perfect thing to keep him happy and give you peace of mind knowing he’s well exercised. (Did we mention no jogging was involved?)


Check out the LeashBuddy HERE!



7 Reasons Why Dogs Need Pet Joggers

Petique incorporates beautiful design and excellent engineering in all our products. With quality bike tires and EVA foam grip for long lasting comfort, our lightweight All Terrain Pet Joggers are not only made to run smoothly, they are also made to be an overall enjoyable ride for your pets.

We all know dogs need their exercise, but there are also times when dogs can really use a pet jogger. If you own a pet jogger or have ever considered owning one, then you have an idea of how beneficial pet joggers are. Below are the seven reasons why dogs need pet joggers in their life.


Benefits of Pet Joggers


Did your dog just get groomed or you simply do not like having wet dogs in the house? Petique's All Terrain Pet Joggers come with a rain cover to protect your pets from getting wet and other harsh weather.

The concrete can get extremely hot during the summer and extremely cold during the winter. Putting your dog in the pet jogger protects your dog's paws from getting burned. The pet jogger also provides shade, protecting your dog from overheating.

Have you ever seen a dog lie down in the middle of their walk? When humans take their dogs out to exercise, some dogs get tired after a while. You can put them in pet jogger and continue exercising while they rest and enjoy the breeze.

Holding up to 60 LBS (30 kgs), Petique's All Terrain Pet Jogger can help older dogs and disabled dogs get around. Whether it's from the vet or to the park, the pet jogger is great transportation for your pets. There are two entrances on our pet joggers: the front and a large back entrance, giving your pets easy access.

A lot of places like hotels, restaurants, and stores are becoming more pet friendly. Petique's All Terrain Pet Joggers makes transportation and traveling easy. They're basically carriers on wheels!

Pet Joggers lets you easily take dogs into pet friendly restaurants. Your dog will be an obedient dog by sitting or lying nicely in their pet jogger. Everybody will be able to have an enjoyable meal!


You can easily transport your pets or litter of puppies to the vet in the safety of Petique's All Terrain Pet Jogger. Putting your pets in the pet jogger will help them feel safe and stress free.


Learn more at 

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