Rover: Wagmore Edition—The Gift That Gives Back

Millions of lost or abandoned dogs enter animal shelters every year, and only a few leave, through rescue and adoption. The rest are euthanized or live out a lonely, caged life.

Commercial photographer Andrew Grant began to photograph dogs in 2009 after learning about the state of animal shelters in America. He started photographing homeless and rescued dogs with the goal of raising awareness for the millions of beautiful, lovable and loyal pets waiting to be adopted in shelters.

Over 6 years he has raised nearly $2 million for animal shelters through his photographic project He did this with the sale of four limited-edition books of beautiful dog portraits, each called Rover. Each book was bigger than the previous, and the funds were raised through the hundreds of sponsoring dog owners.

An early edition of Rover was made famous by one of Hollywood's biggest animal advocates, Ellen DeGeneres. Andrew has photographed the dogs of many celebrity donors as well, including Heidi Klum, Steven Spielberg and Ewan McGregor.

The previous 4 editions are sold out, and fetch up to $400 on the rare book market — when available. Most, though, are as treasured as their canine subjects. Now, Firefly Books has published a new edition with 360 of Andrew Grant’s most heartwarming and soulful dog portraits yet – it's called Rover: Wagmore Edition.  The book features purebreds of almost every kind, and mixed breeds, too.  Firefly Books pledges a portion of the revenue from sales of Rover: Wagmore Edition to dog rescue as well.

Water Babies

Photos submitted by Modern Dog readers! Also seen in our Modern Dog Summer 2017 Issue.


Snoopy submitted by Christine Cyr


Bitty submitted by Serenity Little


Abel submitted by Julie Bailey


Briar submitted by Amelia Murray


Eddie submitted by Sue Chipperton


Kalli submitted by Chantal Macleod-Holdsworth


Pfluger submitted by Eric Simmonds


Sampson submitted by Mary Ramos


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