Treats and Dental Care: The Importance of Transparency in Natural Dog Chews

Dog lovers continue to do more research than ever before to select healthier products for their furry friends.  As we continue to humanize our pets, and since our pets cannot read ingredient labels or make their own decisions, pet-parents are more responsible than ever to seek out treat and chews with fewer and clearly labeled ingredients, from products that offer transparency and make it easy to understand exactly what is inside anything they give to their beloved pet.  (What is inside and more importantly in some cases, what is NOT). 

With WHIMZEES, we use the highest quality natural ingredients in our production process that guarantees the best product due to our commitment to using human grade standards.

Pet-parents definitely want to avoid artificial additives like preservatives and added sugars in dog chews, and seek out natural and healthy ingredients.  They also want to understand not only where the product is made, but also where the ingredients of the product are sourced. 

In addition, “grain free” and/or corn-free continues to be a requirement in regards to a growing number of dogs that have or are developing many types of allergies, so we have selected our vegetarian, limited ingredients clearly labeled by easy-to-read icons on the packaging to help pet-parents understand at a glance what’s inside.

WHIMZEES dog chews are an incredible solution for your dog’s dentai care and oral health as well because they offer all of the benefits that help to promote healthier gums and teeth, but in a more fun, delicious, and highly digestible way than anything else on the market.  The limited, natural ingredients in WHIMZEES offer a high quality vegetarian option to your pet that promotes dental / oral health, but with a taste and texture dogs adore. In a range of sizes for every dog (now ranging from XXS for the tiniest breeds to XL for our larger breeds), there are WHIMZEES for all.  The knobby whimsical shapes of our Hedgehogs, Alligators, Toothbrushes and more help promote healthy blood flow to teeth and gums, fighting the dangerous tartar and plaque linked to heart disease.

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