ANIMALS TALK?? They really do!

And they have some funny and interesting things to share, such as what they think about themselves, why they do certain behaviours and …even their thoughts about their owner.  

Our pets are constantly connecting with us, but we usually just notice the wagging tails, meowing and the typical animal behaviours.  You communicate with your pets all the time, without even knowing it. Your dog gets ready for a walk because of signals you send with your mind, not always because of your actions.  There is way more they understand and tell us, so possibly sometimes you feel that your pet is talking to you – and it is!    

But maybe you’d like to know if you’re correct on what you think or really want to find out what is in their mind, discuss health issues, deal with behaviour problems or to make the difficult decision of when it is time to let them leave this world. 

This is definitely possible, with having Dale McCarthy, an Animal Communicator, do a session for you and your pet.  You might wonder what it is, as you may have heard of a Horse Whisperer, Pet Psychic, Animal Analyst or a Behavioural Trainer.  As an Animal Communicator, Dale uses a form of telepathic energy, that has is based on deepened intuition with animals (dogs, cats and horses being the most common), by receiving their thoughts through words, visuals, feelings and sensations. 

Dale can connect with the animals without meeting or seeing them, no matter where in the world they may be.   Sessions can be done in person, via Skype, Duo or phone depending on where the person lives.  The only information she gets from the owner prior to the session, is the name, sex and age and breed (if known but not necessary).  Dale prefers to not be given any other details, as wants to know what is going on from the pet’s perspective.      

Prior to a session, Dale goes in to a quiet state and writes down the thoughts and feelings she receives, which include some of the pet’s personality traits, how they feel about the household, including other pets, some sensations they might have in their body and other things they think.    Animals can be very particular about the words they use, so the thoughts are written down exactly as they are given to Dale.

She starts a session with the written notes from what the animal has shared ahead of time, which gives such specific information, that the owner will know Dale has connected with their pet.  Most often any questions an owner might have will already be answered by what the pet had previously shared with Dale.

Dale frequently gets asked, “what kind of things do pets talk about?”. Every session is so unique with the pet informing her of how they fit in to the household, how they view themselves and even their own behavioural problems with solutions how that can be changed. 

Here are a couple of examples of part of what pets had shared with Dale prior to the session:

  • Two cats in Alaska, started off by sharing they didn’t like tattoos. As well as they had two types of existences in their household. Sometimes, it would be peaceful, warm and loving.  Then there would be a big sound of stuff being dropped at the front door and their lives would change to upheaval with lots of noise. When Dale read off her notes of what she had received, the woman replied that she didn’t get her cats tattooed, so no idea why they would say anything about that. A few minutes later, when Dale mentioned the household changes, the woman said “that makes sense as my husband works two weeks away in Alberta, then comes home for two weeks. When he comes in the door, he just drops his bags and makes a big commotion. Oh! My husband has sleeve tattoos on each arm!”  The cats were saying they didn’t like the disruption or the tattooed person that made it happen!
  • Brooklyn, a 3 year old, female mixed breed in Burnaby, BC, shared with Dale that she felt unsure of herself, as part of her felt strong and powerful but also nervous and anxious. Really a wimp underneath, so felt paranoid on being left on her own.   She wanted the owners to adjust how they were dealing with her and needed stricter communication!  She wanted them to make her calm, listen and obey.  So, the owners needed to set boundaries and be authoritative. They had to be the boss and come across that way, – be direct and to the point.  When Dale read the notes, the owners laughed as knew they had not trained her properly but just loved her so much that they couldn’t get mad at her for anything.  But hearing that the dog wanted to be better behaved, made them realize they had to make a change. 

After a session, owners tell Dale they feel so much more at ease, as they now know more what their pet thinks, as well as receiving suggestions on how they can communicate with their own animal!

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