Meet Sadie Jane of Wagamuffins—a Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue Success Story!

It was some time in February of 2015 that my husband and I first laid eyes on Sadie. From the moment we saw that picture on Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue’s website, we knew we had to have her. She melted our hearts from a photograph, we couldn’t imagine how we would feel once we met her in person. In the meantime, however, Sadie was in pretty bad shape.

She came to C2CDR extremely ill, urinating blood with a bladder stone the size of an egg. Before we could even think about adopting her, she needed surgery to have it removed. She almost didn’t make it, but as we came to find out, this girl just loves life too much to let a bladder stone stop her. With the help and aid of funding from compassionate donors, she was able to have that surgery and live!

We finally got to take Sadie home on April 12, 2015. Immediately she felt like part of the family. We were worried our 6-year-old dachshund, Daisy, wouldn’t get along with her. But, as I was leaving for work that Monday morning for their first day alone together, I came downstairs to catch them in the middle of a play fight. It warmed my heart to know that Daisy seemed to love Sadie as much as we did.

It’s been 3 years now and every day is an adventure with this little lady. Whether she is pretending to be a prairie dog looking for attention, or rolling on her back for belly rubs (her favorite!), she always brings a smile on our faces. Her adoption inspired us to do more and give back to help other dogs that were in need like Sadie was years ago. I became a member and foster mom through the rescue organization Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and try to spread the word about rescue every day. After all, rescuing a dog means saving and changing a life for the better….not just for the dog…for you as well!

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” ― Karen Davison


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Wagamuffins bows and bowties feature a Velcro closure which stays securely on the collar and easily removable when the time comes to swap it out for a new style! Best of all, they are created with complimentary and unique fabric combinations making each as unique as your pup!

Off the Leash Animated Episodes

Try to watch any episode of this adorable animated series in a bad mood—you won't be able to stay cranky! Rupert Fawcett's "Off the Leash", a beloved cartoon strip that features sweet and funny moments that truly represent our wonderful canine friends, has now been adapted by Factory Rights into fantastic animated episodes! Featuring the secret thoughts and conversations of dogs, this hilarious, super-cute series celebrates dogs for everything they are. We can't get enough of it! Check out more here.


The Weigh In


The Cuddle


The New Toy


ZippyPaws Celebrates One Million Donutz!

ZippyPaws ended 2017 on a sweet note, selling their one millionth donut on December 14th. This past year has been a very successful one for the company. Not only were they awarded one of America’s fastest-growing private companiesby Inc. 5000, but ZippyPaws also had a new warehouse and office facility built, which is over three times larger than their currentheadquarters. In addition, sales more than doubled over 2016.

“It feels surreal,” says Jennifer Cao, Vice President of ZippyPaws. “What a great year 2017 has been for us! I still remember starting ZippyPaws with my father, in our garage. Now we’re moving into a new building, celebrating one million Donutz sold and being named one of the lead plush toy manufacturers in the industry.”                                  

“It’s been amazing seeing how the company has grown over these six years. We have new launches happening in 2018 – I’m very excited to share these new collections with everyone! With this new year, I have full confidence in the ZippyPaws team that we will continue paving the way for the dog toy industry.”

The Donutz toy line has been a best seller ever since Cao and her father launched them in 2014. With a stuffing-free, calorie-free,delicious dessert, dogs cannot get enough of these fuzzy, frosted sensations! Because of the popularity of these Donutz, ZippyPaws created Jumbo sizes to appeal to not only dogs, but their owners as well! Equal opportunity for all Donut lovers!

Let’s face it, one million Donut-lovin’ hounds can’t be wrong. This toy is a true testament to all things sweet and fun. And when you consider the love and quality that are embodied in each of these round delights, you just can’t stop at one. Let’s be real,why would you even want to do that? Regular-sized Donutz retail for $7.99 MSRP, mini-sized Donutz retail for $5.99 MRSP, and jumbo-sized Donutz retail for $10.99. Visit to learn more about the Donutz collection!


About ZippyPaws

ZippyPaws was created in 2011 with the mission of bringing fun, exciting, and high-quality toys to dogs and their owners. Providing toys for dogs is a great way to encourage active lifestyles and to foster a strong relationship between owner and dog. Visit the full line of ZippyPaws products at or email to request a catalog.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope everyone has a lovely day with their families, friends, and/or dogs! Just don't forget to keep the chocolate away from your pups! 


1) Sherlock

"I'm wearing the perfect disguise… now will you give me some of your Easter ham?" – Sherlock submitted by K.K


2) Isis

Isis is ready for an Easter Egg hunt with her lovely Easter bonnet! – Isis submitted by Carrie G



3) Bella

New spring animals are out and about at Easter, and Bella is here to chew on their stuffed look-alikes! – Bella submitted by Cheyenne N


4) Charlie, George, and Louie

Are these three dogs or three Easter rabbits? It's so hard to tell! – Charlie, George, and Louie submitted by Wayne.


5) Bunny

"My name's Bunny, and I'm a bunny. Any questions?" – Bunny submitted by Stefani V


6) Bruno

Doggies can't have chocolate eggs, but luckily Bruno can fill his basket with Easter flowers! – Bruno submitted by Yukiko R


7) Tiffy

Tiffy could pass for an Easter egg in that cute spring coat! – Tiffy submitted by Keri


8) Bella

What a beautiful Easter surprise! We love all the spring colours in this photograph. – Bella submitted by Amy-Louise M 


9) Blaze

Blaze definitely wins the award for "Most Easter Spirit"! – Blaze submitted by Jennifer D


10) Zombie

Zombie has the perfect white coat to pass as a white Easter rabbit! – Zombie submitted by Jessie


11) Nami and Ryuta

Easter is clearly Nami and Ryuta's favourite holiday! – Nami and Ryuta submitted by Sally N


12) Louis Littles

Forget chocolate eggs — we want a puppy in our Easter baskets this year! – Louis Littles submitted by Staci D


13) Bella

To be honest, if we were Bella, we'd be terrified of that rabbit — but she sure does look precious in her Easter outfit! – Bella submitted by Mandy L


14) Sasha

You guys all better have a Happy Easter! I don't want to have put on this bonnet for nothing. – Sasha submitted by Theresa


15) Colt

Happy Easter to you too Colt, and all other Modern Dogs! – Colt submitted by Besmeh B


Make sure your pooch is ready for a visit from the Easter bunny with these Modern Dog approved Easter goodies!

Colourful Dogs

Dogs bring so much colour and joy to our lives, so we're featuring that colour below, with dogs representing every colour of the rainbow! Turns out that dogs look gorgeous in every shade. Featuring photos submitted to Modern Dog's photo contest.


1) Lady Grey

Lady Grey kicks off the rainbow, looking beautiful lounging on her bright red bed.


2) Droopy

Droopy tries to pull off a Mufasa look with a deep orange mane!


3) Charlie

Sweet Charlie sits in a bed of yellow daffodils.


4) Molly

Molly is stoked for St. Patrick's Day, pulling out all her emerald green Irish gear!


5) Chloe

Chloe, the English Cream Golden Retriever, looks radiant beneath that soft blue sky.


6) Deevo

Is that indigo or just a really deep blue? Maybe we're cheating a bit with this one, but Deevo is just too precious not to include!


7) Merlin

Merlin the Australian Shepherd looks pretty magical in this sea of violet blossoms.


8) Uno

Uno the beautiful baby Great Dane is a delicate little ballerina in pink.

Dynamic Duos

Some dogs don't get along, and prefer human companionship instead. But others couldn't be better friends, just like these doubly cute duos!


1) Britney & Billie

Only three months and already best friends!


2) Rico and Lola

These gorgeous German Shepherds, aged 2 and 4, look beautiful here but don't like sharing the bed at home!


3) Bentley and Lexus

These two buddies sure seem like they have some car-loving owners with those names!


4) Copper and Prince

These LA dogs are best buds!


5) Lilly and Rocco

What is cuter than two sibling dogs cuddling together?


6) Titan and Lola

We're loving the flowery backdrop for these two French bulldog beauties!


7) Lennon and Harrison

What striking buddies! Such beautiful colours in their coats.


8) Dexter and Bronson

These brothers are like yin and yang!


9) Arlo and Huey

Well these guys are just too precious for words! Arlo and Huey are miniature dachshunds, only 1 and 3 months old!


10) Piglet and Turtle

According to Piglet and Turtle's owners, their nicknames are Pig and Turd!


11) Edwin and Oliver

Aw, what sweet cuddle buddies!


12) Brutus and Babe

Check out these sweet faces!

Video of the Day: Corgi Pup Plays With Her Two Ferret Brothers

via Romain Levesque

Video of the Day: Benny the Bulldog Plays the Most Suspenseful Game of Peek-a-Boo Ever

via Benny the Bulldog

Dog Dads

1) Leroy

Image via


2) Momo

Image via


3) Loki

Image via


4) Brandy

Image via


5) Dublyn & Copper

Image via


6) Norm

Image via


7) Maximus

Image via


8) Piper

Image via


9) Hank

Image via


10) Maddie

Image via

Dogs Who Truly Get Valentine’s Day

1) Sumo, Ayumi, and Tonka

Image via 3bulldogges


2) Jazzy and Cooper

Image via bordernerd


3) Trigger and Mia

Image via trigger_and_mia


4) Carter and Toby

Image via carterandtoby


5) Akira and Blaze

Image via husky_quartet


6) Kokoro and Chibi

Image via emwng


7) Tasuku and Muu

Image via ayasakai


8) HoneyB and BumbleB

Image via honeyb_doodle


9) Kingsley and Sailor

Image via kingsleyandsailor


10) Theo, Beau, and Evvie

Image via mommasgonecity


11) Kobi, Bob, and Dillon

Image via kobi_bob_and_dillon


12) Ollie and Decka

Image via nicole_ransom


13) Lara and Cookie

Image via ps.ny


14) Sebastian and Luna

Image via sebastianlovesluna


15) Simon and Sachi

Image via simonthejackchi

Check out these handpicked items, perfect for your Valentine’s day loving pooch!

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