Spooky Pups

It's Halloweeeeeeen! Crisp, autumn days, colourful costumes, glowing jack-o'-lanterns, and buckets of candy… what's not to like? These pups will have to miss out on the candy, but they still are embracing the spookiest day of the year! – ERM


1) Rusty

Rusty the Cairn Terrier sure looks spooky as we approach the eeriest day of the year! – Submitted by Mary Ann


2) Sophie

Sweet Sophie the sheltie curls up with her beloved zombie stuffies. – Submitted by Aaron


3) Kasper Boo

Can you spot the American Eskimo in this patch of pumpkins? Kasper Boo also has the perfect Halloween-y name! – Submitted by Rita V


4) Axl

Axl the chiahuahua looks perfect for the season in his little jack-o-lantern outfit! – Submitted by Kim


5) Lola

Lola the Boxer is all dressed up as Wonder Woman amidst spooky Halloween decorations. – Submitted by Vanessa


6) Blue

Blue, a Modern Dog office dog, is dressed up as a Mardi Gras girl for Halloween! – Submitted by Eleanor, @ladyandthesquanch Instagram


7) Thumbelina

Thumbelina the tea cup poodle has the perfect witch costume for Halloween! – Submitted by Skye R


8) Stella

Stella wearing her orange-and-green pumpkin colours for a night of trick-or-treating! (She won't be eating the candy, but she's looking forward to greeting people at the door!) – Submitted by Ashley


9) Sully Huskey

Sully Huskey is dressed as Clark Kent for Halloween! – Submitted by Danica H


10) Leon

Leon the French Bulldog is all ready to go trick-or-treating! (For the experience, not the candy!) – Submitted by Kim and Vincent M


11) Maggie May & Cali Rose

What's the perfect costume for two Yorkshire Terriers? Why, Candy Corn dresses, of course! – Submitted by Cindy


13) Spartacus

What a spooky scene! Spartacus looks fearless, though. – Submitted by Rachyl and Joshua


14) Sapphy

What big teeth you have! Sapphy dresses as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. – Submitted by Emily 


15) Ratchet and Sproket

Ratchet and Sprocky star as Pennywise the Clown and little Georgie Denbrough in Stephen King's Pit. You'll bark too! – Submitted by Jenn G


16) Chewy and Daya

Chewy and Daya the French bulldogs are all dressed up as Game of Thrones' Drogon the Dragon and "Daenerys, of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons". – Submitted by Danell R


Please keep your dog away from any Halloween candy you receive or give out! If your dog does get into your candy, make sure you know what to do.

The Horror of Humiliation on Halloween

Oh, the torture and humiliation that comes with being my dog. As I do every year, last night I made the dogs dress up in hilariously adorable Halloween costumes we picked up from Petsmart for our amusement. I think I outdid myself this year, these costumes perfectly captured Roxy and Cash's unique personalities!

Roxy was a pink ballerina hippo, which was fitting because she was practically bursting out of her tutu. She was super cheezed about being put in such an ill-fitting costume, she absolutely refused to look at me! Total prima donna.

Cash was a grouchy garden gnome. Look at how grumpy he was sporting his white beard and pointy hat! I can picture him guarding the hydrangeas in my front yard with crossed arms and scowly face. He kept trying to shake the hat off which made picture taking particularly difficult.

For safety's sake (and in consideration of the dogs' pride) we opted not to take them outside. Instead they remained by the fire while we took care of candy distribution duty. Once we'd gotten our fill of making them look silly, we took the costumes off so the dogs could hunker down for bedtime. Afterall, it's a big day as Blackie Chan will be coming home tonight! Lord knows these dogs are going to need their rest in preparation for the hijinks of a spry and outlandish kitten. Wish us luck!

Pet Costumes

If you’re like many pet owners, finding the perfect Halloween costume for your pet is almost more exciting than finding your own. Seeing your dachshund dressed as a hot dog or your kitten prancing around in a super-man cape can add even more fun to the holiday. Just keep in mind that while a costume can be cute and funny to you, your pet may not agree.

“In general, tolerance of costumes is pet dependent,” said Dr. Stacy Eckman, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “Some pets will tolerate them, and others will not.”

If Fido appears indifferent towards being dressed as a giant spider or pumpkin, then suit him up. However, there are still a few safety guidelines to consider when choosing the perfect costume.

“Make sure that the costumes do not obscure their vision, do not block their nose or mouth so they cannot breathe, and that they do not trip over them,” said Dr. Eckman. “Avoid anything that encircles the head or neck or that blocks their nose and mouth.” Any attachments that they can rip off and swallow, such as extra limbs or bones, can also be hazardous.

Fur-safe sprays are generally okay to use for changing the fur color, as long as they are not applied too close to their eyes. Make sure that the spray is designed specifically for animal fur and that you carefully check the labels for any discrepancies.

It is smart to put the costume on a few times prior to the holiday to see how your pets react to being in it. If they are uncomfortable, it should be easy to tell.

“If a pet isn’t comfortable in a costume, they may work vigorously to remove it, constantly scratching or pawing at it,” said Dr. Eckman. “It may affect the way they walk and move, becoming a tripping hazard, and can even affect their breathing, causing them to pant or become anxious.”

To ensure that your pet doesn’t become uncomfortable after wearing the costume for a while, they should be supervised at all times. If they do begin showing any signs of discomfort, remove the costume for a while and let them roam around out of character.

Halloween costumes are not the only thing that may cause pets anxiety during this season. Some house decorations should also be avoided if your pet seems unnerved by them.

“Loud, flashy decorations with lights and sounds may be stressful for certain pets, causing them to harm themselves,” said Dr. Eckman. “Dry ice, often used for the ‘smoking cauldron’ effect, may also be dangerous if the ice itself comes into direct contact with their skin.” Depending on your pet, fake bodies or body parts may also be dangerous, as they can cause choking hazards or gastrointestinal obstructions if they try chewing on or ingesting them.

As long as your pet is comfortable in a costume, dressing them up can be fun for the whole family. Follow these general safety guidelines and Fido is sure to be in for a howlin’ good Halloween.

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