Charlee Bear Dog Treats Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Charlee Bear is celebrating 25 years of making healthy low calorie dog treats.  We are celebrating with every doggie and pet parent who has used a Charlee Bear Dog Treat to say I love you or reward a good effort.  We treasure the bond between humans and canines and our goal was to create products that make that bond stronger while keeping dogs lean and healthy.

We understand how important it is for dogs to maintain a healthy weight.  Canine obesity is a serious problem threatening the health of our dogs.  We also understand the fun and importance of rewards and treats.  That is why, 25 years ago, we set out to develop a low calorie treat that dogs of all sizes would love. Our original treats are only 3 calories each.

We have always used simple, natural ingredients that are easy to understand.  We wanted pet parents to be able to understand what they were giving to their dogs.  We were pioneers in Natural Dog Treats working to create simple, healthy options.


With the help of veterinarians, food scientists, bakers, trainers, people and dogs, we developed Pocket Perfect® Charlee Bear® Dog Treats. Our earliest treats were made by hand in a neighborhood bakery and delivered to stores in our own cars. We don't make our treats by hand anymore because our treats are used by trainers and dog lovers all over the US and Canada. 


In response to our devoted customers’ requests, we developed a low-calorie grain-free dog treat with the same love and care that we used to develop our original Charlee Bear Dog Treats.

We created three great Bear Crunch flavors using turkey, chicken, pork and berries, fruits and veggies. We use chick pea flour, an excellent source of protein. We stuck to simple natural ingredients that are low in calories and high in flavor. Trainers and doggie parents are telling us dogs love these treats. Our new process has created a "special LIGHT crunch". Our Grain Free treats are also "Pocket Perfect®" Keep some in your pocket for fun on a walk or outing.

We hope you will help us to celebrate 25 years of saying “I love you” with a Charlee Bear Dog Treat

Charlee Bear® Products Introduces GRAIN FREE BEAR CRUNCH—Dog Treats for a Healthy Lifestyle

Charlee Bear® Products created original Charlee Bear Dog Treats over 20 years ago. Leading the way in providing Natural, Low Calorie Treats. We were convinced that treating for training or just for fun is an important way to build the bond between you and your doggie companion. We choose simple, natural ingredients and real meat and cheese to create a great tasting treat that dogs would love. At only three calories per treat you can treat often. We made them “Pocket Perfect®” so you could put a handful in your pocket and take them with you on walks and outings.

Our treats were tested by many professional trainers and dogs with rave reviews. We wanted consumers to be able to understand our label so we kept it simple. We made four great flavors; Liver, Cheese & Egg, TukeyLiver & Cranberries and Chicken Soup & Garden Veggies.

NOW we are introducing our latest Natural, low calorie treat, GRAIN FREE BEAR CRUNCH. With a new process these grain free treats have a SPECIAL SUPER LIGHT CRUNCH all of their own. Still “Pocket Perfect®” and less than 3 calories each, they are also perfect for training or any time. We had fun with three great new flavors; Chicken Pumpkin & Apple, Bacon & Blueberry and Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberries. Our doggie fans gave us high approval ratings—all paws up.

Charlee Bear has many loyal fans who wanted to tell about how much they love our treats.  We hope you will watch our video.  Our treats are available nationwide at major pet retailers and smaller pet supply stores.  Check our website and visit us on facebook for contests and fun,

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