Immediate, Complete, & Safe Tick Removal: It May Save Your Pet’s Life!

Ticks are one of the most common blood-feeding parasites in the world. Did you know that tick populations, as well as tick-borne diseases, are increasing at alarming rates? According to the Centers for Disease Control diseases spread by ticks have more than tripled since 2004. In fact, Lyme disease can now be found on every continent except Antarctica! Ticks are thriving in areas previously too cold for them to live, weather patterns are creating longer summer seasons, and, deer populations (a primary blood host for ticks) are growing rapidly.

Although tick-borne diseases can be life threatening, the feeding process, itself, may also prove to be dangerous to our beloved pets…including severe toxemias, blood loss due to large consumption of the host’s blood, and, possible death. In most cases, you have approximately twenty-four to thirty-six hours to remove a tick from your pet before disease transmission takes place. It is for these reasons that tick removal from dogs, cats, or other pets must take place immediately – completely and safely – without putting pet owners at risk.

There is only one tool on the market that will help you do just that! The patented, self-energizing TickZapper® is the only tick removal tool on the market, today, that fully captures and contains the tick, while also removing it entirely (including mouthparts!) – without the risk of human contact. Read below to learn more about how to keep your fury friend safe with chemical-free tick removal! See TickZapper® in Action!

How to Conduct a Proper Tick Check

Proper tick checks are necessary in order to stave off the many dangers of ticks and tick-borne diseases. A thorough tick check should be conducted on your pet’s body immediately after his or her outdoor activities have concluded for the day…regardless of the season! By the time a tick has engorged itself on a host animal, it can look suspiciously like a wart or skin tag. Six common areas to check for ticks include the inside of ears, between toes, under the tail, in the genital regions, around eyelids, and under the collar. Using your fingertips, slowly and carefully feel for small bumps on your animal’s skin surface, beneath the fur. If you've found a white, gray, or light-brownish mass on the animal’s skin, check at the base of the mass. If the mass is indeed a tick, you'll find the mouthparts burrowed in the animal’s skin, as well as four pairs of walking legs, nearby. Learn more Here.

Fun Fact: Did you know that ticks do not have heads?

Ticks have three body regions: the capitulum (basis capituli – which attaches the capitulum to the body, the mouthparts, and the palps), body region, and legs. The capitulum is often mistaken for a head. In reality, there is no head, nor brain! Ticks rely on their Haller’s organ to source blood hosts. This organ operates much like an antennae. Located in the two front legs, it is an important sensory organ that enables ticks to detect factors emitted by potential blood hosts, such as odors, heat, vibration, as well as other external factors. In addition, ticks have two mouthparts (chelicerae – for cutting into the skin, and the hypostome – which bears teeth). These parts enable the tick to pierce the host’s skin, followed by the release of a cement-like substance, then the blood-feeding commences. See photo, below.

Female Tick Preparing to Feed: Half of her mouthparts have pieced the silicone membrane

TickZapper® provides an effective way for pet owners to remove the entire tick (including mouthparts) – while also eliminating the risk of touching the tick. This quick and easy tick removal method can save time while also reducing stress for both pet and pet owner. No more tugging on your pet’s sensitive skin!  

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How Does it Work?

Designed as a one-handed tick removal tool, leaving your remaining hand free to steady your pet, TickZapper® removes the entire tick – including mouthparts – quickly and easily. Self-energizing (No Batteries & Always Ready!) TickZapper® gently stuns the tick, prompting it to fully release into the secure encapsulation tip – including mouthparts! Simply press the clear lever, place over tick, and release. Press the green button twice, turn unit clockwise, and pull directly outward. You’ve Done It! This is the best way to remove a tick without human contact. You can send the tick away for analysis, dispose of the tick, or simply relocate it…the choice is yours! See the TickZapper® advantage, below!      

Learn More about the Revolutionary, Self-Energizing TickZapper!®

Want to learn more about how to remove ticks from your dog, cat, or other animals, safely easily, and chemical-free! Visit us at TickZapper®. Remember, ticks and tick-borne diseases are on the rise. Be Prepared to remove ticks immediately, quickly, and thoroughly… on the spot! Buy your new TickZapper® today!

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