The Items that Changed the Way We Travel with Our Dog

Dogs are a part of the family; therefore, they go where we go. Although fun, there can be challenges to traveling with your dog.

How do you make sure they don’t chew something up? Are they going to listen and stay in a designated area? Are they going to bark at inappropriate times? Where will they sleep or have quiet time?

As someone that travels often with their dog, we have used many products to simplify our adventures. We have a few essentials that come on every trip like a comfortable travel bed, collapsible dishes, and our newest must-have travel item, a portable pet pen.

We will share just a few reasons why these items have changed the way we travel.

1. Portable Pet Pen

The Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products has become an extremely useful tool in our traveling arsenal. The pen is made of 

a thick mesh and folds up to the size of a bag chair – and even comes with a carry bag.

We use it most as a quick containment option. It’s much bigger than a crate, yet small enough that it doesn’t take up the entire living space.

When staying at someone’s house or hotel, our dog can hang out in the portable pet pen. They can still feel a part of the action, but not create chaos in a place we don’t own.

The PortablePet Pen has been invaluable while camping. If you’ve been camping with your dog you understand the struggle of untangling your pup’s leash every five minutes.

The pet pen has been the perfect contained play area. They can still get the sights, smells, and fun of being outdoors with you – without wrapping themselves around the picnic table leg.

To give our dog more freedom than a crate, and to have one less thing to pack, we even have our dog sleep in the pet pen.


2. Travel Dog Bed

Our dog needs to be comfortable while traveling with us – but we also need to save on space. We have done both road trips and plane rides with our dog, both require the use of compact items.

Our first few travels we brought the standard bed from home – cumbersome and awkward to pack.

We then stumbled upon a bed that rolled up and secured via Velcro to make the travel process SO much easier. There are a few different versions and price points for this type of bed – but we highly recommend it for travel.   

3. Collapsible Bowls

Most dog owners are familiar with collapsible bowls. If you’re familiar with them, you understand the amount of space saved when traveling. Lately, we have really enjoyed an elevated dog bowl that is collapsible.

It still stores nearly flat but makes meal time much easier for our senior dog when traveling.

Portability, functionality, and size have been the key factors in our decision-making process for travel products. That is why all three of these items have become an essential part of traveling with our dog. 






Photos courtesy of: Tails of Tate, You Did What with Your Weiner, 2 Huskateers, & Ruffwear

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